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Friday, August 6th, 2010

Before You Start Taking Horehound…

If you are considering taking the horehound herb for a cold, sore throat, cough, or to boost your immune system, DrFloras highly recommends you do a full body detox cleanse before hand, to start off with a clean slate.

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The Ultimate Cleanse Kit before you use Horehound.

Watch the videos below and educate yourself:

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Video -- Determine if YOU Need a Cleanse BEFORE Taking Horehound


Video -- Avoid Detox Cleanse Scams

What Is Horehound Herb?

This particular herb sounds rather vile, but it comes from the Egyptian god of sky and light. It is a hardy and bushy herb covered in gray leaved perennial plant that is part of the mint family, covered with wooly white hairs, grows clusters of small white flowers on the upper parts of the main stems, and grows from 25 to 45 cm in height.

Ancient Horehound

In ancient times, herbalists prescribed horehound for Maleria, fevers, and as an antidote for poisonous snake bites. Horehound was even believed to protect one from sorcery. The ancient Romans used it for its many medicinal purposes, including an antidote for vegetable poisons. The Romans called it Marrubium, which is believed to have come from the ancient Italian town, Maria urbs. Some scholars believe the name came from a Hebrew juice called marrob, a bitter drink the Jews took for the Feast of Passover.

What Does Horehound Herb Taste Like?

Many describe horehound tasting almost like a berry flavored root beer. It is often used as a flavoring for some candies.

Horehound Herb Benefits

Many people use horehound today for chest problems, boosting the immune system, and for vitamins (it is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E) and minerals such as Iron and potassium.

Horehound has been proven quite effective at loosening mucous and phlegm, and helps to relieve coughing and many forms of sore throats. It is also used to help with cold symptoms. Some countries even use horehound for laryngitis.

Horehound herbs have also been used as a treatment for intestinal parasites, although DrFloras recommends a complete parasite cleansing product if that is your goal.

Horehound Herb Today

The horehound plant is native to Europe and Asia and has since spread to now include most of north America, Australia, and many other countries.

Horehound Herb Safety

Scientific name:
Marrubium vulgare

Additional names:
Hoarhound or white/black horehound

Nothing that is clearly documents

The oil Marrubiin within the plant has a LD50 / 370 mg per kg when it was given to rats orally.

Side Effects:
Horehound may induce cardiac irregularities when taken in large doses.

Making Horehound Cough Syrup

1/4 cup of horehound (fresh) or 1/8 cup of dired horehound leaves.
1 1/2 cups of honey
1 cup of hot water

Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil. Next add the horehound leaves and remove the pot from stove, allowing everything to steep for about 15 minutes. Strain leaves and then add the honey to the water, mixing it very well. You can then bottle the cough syrup for later use. Feel free to add more or less honey to adjust the thickness and sweetness of the syrup.