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Friday, October 29th, 2010

Tansy is an herb that can be beneficial in very small, controlled doses – however, herbalists are quick to warn against using the herb in pure form as found in nature, since it can cause many severe reactions, including death. 

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Many people have come to realize that as much as ninety percent of the world’s population either are infected with internal parasites, or have been infected with them at some time.  While the tansy herb is a common old folk remedy for ridding the body of internal parasites, DrFloras Parasite Defense is a much safer alternative.  Before you try tansy, there are some things you should know.

Tansy – Beautiful, But Deadly 

Old folk remedies say that miscarriage can be caused by drinking strong tansy tea.  It was once widely used to bring on late menses and even to rid children of internal parasites, but there are many stories about tragic, needless deaths that have occurred due to an overdose of tansy herb.

Despite the fact that modern herbalists are quick to defend the practice of natural medicine, they also tend to be responsible in providing strong cautions against the use of herbal remedies that may do more harm than good.  Ingesting tansy extract, and even using it externally, can cause severe reactions.  Tansy

Tansy herb contains a high concentration of thujone, which is a volatile substance that has been known to cause convulsions.  Every herbalist is able to recount tales of women who have died after drinking a single cup of tea made with tansy, which is just one more reason to avoid it.

The plant has a very strong odor with notes of camphor and rosemary, and is a popular companion plant for potatoes since it wards off damaging insects. In fact, tansy is such an effective insect repellent that it was an important part of the herbal embalming process that was used to prepare bodies for funerals prior to the advent of modern embalming.  Tansy herbs would be packed into coffins and used to make wreaths to adorn the dead while keeping insect activity at a minimum.

Tansy herb has wonderful use as part of an insect-repellent plan for organic gardening, but do you really want to take the risk of becoming violently ill or even dying as the result of an overdose of tansy herb or tansy extract?   

Better than Tansy

DrFloras has a solution to the problem, and it is one hundred percent safe and natural.  The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit has been specially designed to help eliminate heavy metals, toxins, and the sludge that may have been building up throughout your internal organs for many years.  Parasite Defense is an important part of the kit, so there is no need to risk a tansy overdose.  Natural remedies can indeed be the best – but they can be powerful, so be sure to make the right choice.