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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Are you suffering from stomach bloating and pain? There may be many underlying causes that can contribute to a bloated feeling. Even people who eat right and stick to an exercise plan most of the time can suffer from stomach bloating at times.

One of the worst causes of that bloated feeling is the gas that is released by foods that are improperly digested. Many people are carrying years’ worth of sludge and impacted fecal matter in their intestinal tracts and colons. Even worse, ninety percent of all people are or have been infested with internal parasites, which can cause stomach bloating and pain along with a host of other problems.

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Causes Of Bloating

Stomach bloating is a problem that most people experience at one time or another. There are many reasons why you might be having stomach bloating and pain:

• Gulping air when eating and drinking. Slow down, and chew your food thoroughly to help avoid bloating from air you’ve ingested. Saliva contains important enzymes that help to aid the digestion process, so it is best to chew thoroughly. This may even help you to eat less!

• Smoking – If you smoke cigarettes, you may be inadvertently swallowing air. Smoking cigarettes is not only an unhealthy habit, it may be causing stomach bloating.

• Undigested food, along with indigestible matter like sorbitol (the sweetener found in many types of sugarless gum) gives off gases that can cause an uncomfortable bloated feeling.

• Intestinal parasites can cause terrible stomach pain and bloating, or they may just cause a minor amount of bloating. The amount of stomach bloating that internal parasites cause may depend on what type of parasites are present, and how badly infested you are.

Remedies For Stomach Bloating And PainBloating

Although most people do experience stomach bloating and pain at some time, there is no reason to continue suffering quietly.

Chewing food thoroughly and eliminating cigarettes might be helpful, however there is an even better solution to help you get rid of that bloated feeling once and for all.

DrFloras’ recommends The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit, which contains everything you need to completely cleanse your intestines and colon. DrFloras’ Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit includes solutions to the problems that can cause stomach bloating and pain:

DrFloras’ Colon Cleanse – Perfectly designed to scrape away the years’ worth of old fecal matter, parasite eggs, and undigested food from your system.

• DrFloras’ Cleanse Support – Contains essential herbs like triphala and barberry to aid in the removal of toxins.

DrFloras’ Parasite Defense – With important, one hundred percent natural herbs like Pinkroot and Wormwood Aerial Parts, Parasite Defense can help to remove the intestinal parasites that you could have picked up just by playing with a pet or going barefoot on the beach.

DrFloras’ ProbioticsProbiotics are important, because when you undergo a full body cleanse, many of the beneficial bacteria that help your digestive process are removed along with the harmful elements.