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Remedies Bloating

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

What remedies bloating?  People suffer the embarrassing and sometimes painful effects of bloating every day – the good news is, you don’t have to be one of them.  Although there are many different bloating remedies available, not all of them work effectively.  DrFloras gets to the root of the problem by addressing the causes of bloating and providing effective relief.

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Bloating Remedies

Sometimes bloating is caused by simply eating too much at a sitting, or by having one too many carbonated beverages.  In cases like these, the answer is easy:  After just a short while, the bloating will go away!  Just remember not to overdo it next time.  

Unfortunately, the worst cases of bloating are caused by some pretty frightening things.  Luckily, DrFloras’ remedies bloating and can even leave you looking and feeling better in the process.

Different kinds of bloating require different bloating remedies.  You may recognize some of these problems associated with bloating.

  • Excess Gas – If you are belching or suffering from flatulence associated with bloating, then your food may not be properly digested.  Drugstore bloatinRemedies Bloatingg remedies that can help to ease the pain of gas provide some temporary relief, but they don’t get to the root cause of the problem.  When food breaks down slowly and releases gas rather than being properly digested, it releases gas.  This means your intestinal tract is not doing its’ job properly for some reason.
  • Constipation – If you’re suffering from constipation, you may be tempted to turn to a messy, possibly even dangerous enema to ease the discomfort.  An enema or suppository remedies bloating only temporarily, if at all.  Constipation can happen because there is nowhere for fecal matter to go – think of slow or completely clogged drain pipes – that’s what happens when you’re constipated.

If you are bloated and suffering from gas or constipation, or even a combination of both problems, you may have tried various bloating remedies to no avail.  This is because there are at least two major problems that may be hiding beneath your painfully bloated stomach.  DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit contains the very best bloating remedies:

  • Pounds Of Toxic Fecal Matter – You might have several pounds of toxic fecal matter trapped along the walls of your intestines and colon.  This nasty stuff prevents your food from being digested properly, and it weighs you down in the process.  It contributes to constipation the way a roadblock slows down traffic – the smaller the opening, the less “traffic” can get through.  This also contributes to the gas problem caused by poorly digested food!  DrFloras Colon Cleanse and Cleanse Support can scrape away this toxic sludge so your digestive organs can do their jobs properly.
  • Intestinal Parasites – You might have picked up intestinal parasites.  Although it could be hard to believe, parasites are efficient organisms that easily find their way into your body through simple things like day to day contact with other people, touching pets and other animals, and even eating undercooked foods.  DrFloras Parasite Defense safely eliminates intestinal parasites, their eggs and their offspring.

Nothing remedies bloating like DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit – that’s because it is gentle, safe and much more effective than those old bloating remedies that only ease symptoms.