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Coffee Enema

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Before You Try A Coffee Enema

Coffee enema instructions can be vague, and sometimes contradictory. The typical enema coffee recipe warns that this procedure is likely to be messy, and can sometimes be dangerous.

If you are like most people, then your body does need detoxification and cleansing on a regular basis. DrFlora’s recommends The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit as a safer, more effective alternative to a coffee enema.

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Coffee Enema Claims

Proponents of the coffee enema claim that the procedure can purify and detoxify the body. Traditionally, enemas of different kinds have been used to ease constipation. They are best administered by a medical professional, and are often used as a last resort. Although a coffee enema may flush out the lower section of the colon, it does not provide a full colon cleanse. Even if you follow coffee enema instructions exactly, the coffee enema will not provide permanent relief from the effects of body toxicity.

Enema Coffee RecipeCoffee Enema

The basic enema coffee recipe calls for organic enema coffee, ground to drip consistency, filtered water, and enema equipment. Although the enema coffee that is used is supposed to be organic, unflavored coffee, it is difficult for consumers to know whether the enema coffee they are buying is truly from a safe, regulated source.

Medical professionals agree that inserting anything into one’s rectum can be extremely dangerous. If the coffee enema is too hot, it can scald the delicate tissues lining the lower colon and rectum. In cases of severe damage, surgery must be performed. Some people who have attempted to conduct dangerous procedures at home have caused irreversible damage to their internal organs. When the rectum and colon cannot be surgically repaired, a colostomy must be performed and a colostomy bag must be carried at all times so that the body can rid itself of waste. Simply put, our bodies are not designed to withstand the demands that enema coffee places on them.

At best, a coffee enema is a complete mess, forcing you to use equipment and then later discard liquid waste, clean bedding and equipment, etc. At worse, something can go wrong and you’re forced to walk around with a colostomy bag for life. Are you willing to take that chance?

Coffee Enema Instructions

Coffee enema instructions generally advise those who are willing to try a home coffee enema to attempt to hold the solution for several minutes. DrFlora’s bowel regulator and mini cleanse do not require any suffering on the part of the user. Best of all, the ultimate detox cleanse kit provides probiotics, parasite defense, and cleanse support in addition to DrFlora’s doctor formulated colon cleanse, which is proven to break up and remove the toxic fecal matter, heavy metals, and other toxins that many people carry for years.