Elecampane is very popular among Indian Ayurvedic practitioners and Chinese Herbal medical specialists.  The elecampane root, or wild sunflower root as it is sometimes called, has historically been used to help ease symptoms of bronchitis and indigestion. 

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Elecampane -- An Herb With Many Uses

Ancient Greeks and Romans used elecampane root to heal horses and sheep who suffered from skin irritation.  When you stop to consider how valuable both species were to these cultures, it is easy to see why valuable medicine that even the wealthiest people would use was also given to these animals.

Elecampane root extract has a bitter taste, which can be mitigated by either using the herb in capsule or tablet form, or by adding natural sweetener like honey to tea if that method of delivery is recommended.Elecampane

Elecampane root contains inulin, which is a phytochemical that is widely regarded for its’ ability to deliver benefits to the good bacterial flora which naturally inhabit our intestines.  Inulin also benefits the bronchial passages.  It has the ability to coat and soothe them while acting as an expectorant, which is why it is so popular for treating coughs and other upper respiratory symptoms. 

Besides nourishing intestinal bacteria, elecampane has been used to aid in the removal of intestinal parasites.  Even better, it has a mucilaginous property that helps it to heal and soothe irritated intestinal and bowel tissues. 

The elecampane root is completely edible and is even used as food in some parts of the world.  Traditionally, it is boiled and eaten.  Sometimes it is used as a wine or cordial ingredient. Elecampane root is widely accepted as a safe, gentle form of alternative therapy that will be easier absorbed by clean internal organs. 

Taking natural supplements can help you improve your health, but is your entire body ready to make the most of the micronutrients you’re ingesting?

Before you use Elecampane

No matter how you plan to take advantage of the benefits that elecampane root extract has to offer, be certain to properly prepare your body for nourishment by using DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit before you begin. 

You may not be aware that your system could be full of harmful toxins and even parasites that may be robbing you of essential nutrients and preventing your body from getting the full benefits of the good natural foods and supplements you take.  DrFloras can help you pave the way to good health with The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit.

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