Why Real People Keep Choosing DrFloras:

All of our products are gluten free and are made with high quality, natural ingredients and are known to be one of the best in the industry. Sure, our prices might be a bit high but you can't expect high quality for a cheap bargain. It's simple, you get what you pay for and here at DrFloras we offer only the very best.

Why is DrFloras Colon Cleanse a powder and not a capsule?

Here at DrFloras we offer our Colon Cleanse in powder form only. Why? you might ask. Keep on reading, you might be surprised...

A colon cleanse capsule prohibits its ingredients to thoroughly scrape the residual matter from your colon. This means you have to take more than several handfuls of capsules each time in order to try and get the true results you're looking for. It's just not feasible for one person to take the necessary amount of powder contained in capsules to get true results. This simply gets you purchasing time after time with little to no results.

Think about it like this, the amount of one capsule in water is so minimal it will not cover each area needed for a successful cleanse and the results will be poor. But pouring enough properly formulated Colon Cleanse powder into a glass of water covers each inch quickly and evenly, for a more equally distributed cleanse. So which would you prefer?

That's why we're striving to give you the most value for your dollar—by giving you a more efficient and proper cleanse. Not only does our Colon Cleanse powder reach every inch of your digestive system, but you'll save money and time by choosing DrFloras and most importantly DrFloras Colon Cleanse is made with Psyllimax the unrivaled DrFloras psyllium ingredient that proves itself over and over again and best of all it's in powder form, no capsules with minimal results and wasted efforts!

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It seems that everyone has the same revelation at one point in their lives, and that’s one in which they find out which foods are best for their overall health. And lately it seems that one big requirement for health nuts is, yep, you guessed it: organic.

Organic eating seems to have cast a spell over just about everyone. We don’t know about you, but healthy digestion is a top priority here at DrFloras, which is why we choose organic as often as possible. Quite simply, organic foods are better for digestion because they don’t have pesticides. Our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive enough—let alone adding something as harsh as weed-killer.

No-no—leave the killing to DrFloras Body defense and allow our bodies to lavish in all that is natural foods.

How to eat organic on a budget:

  • Coupons: they go a long way. Organic-minded grocery stores often showcase huge savings online. Even “Liking” your fave organic brand on Facebook is likely to lead to plenty of money-saving deals. And don’t forget that most grocery stores take competitors’ coupons!
  • DIY: not just for easy holiday gifts anymore! There are plenty of organic blogs that teach followers how to make everything from granola bars and kale chips, down to smoothies and even cupcakes! Just remember the point is to save rather than splurge on these homemade creations.
  • Bulk up: in the freezer. Buying organic produce while it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to come up with 7 different meals based around berries. Stock up and put everything in freezer-safe containers, including meat, fruit, and even that buy one get one organic cookie dough.
  • Online shopping: organic edition. Yes, you can even buy organic food online for less than what you might pay in the store. Places like Amazon offer free shipping, while Green PolkaDot Box offers its members huge discounts, like a Sam’s Club that delivers!

So instead of simply throwing out the idea that organic has to cost an arm and a leg—take a more price-conscious approach and you’ll find it’s easier than it sounds.


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