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reviews / My 2nd Colon Cleanse *

My 2nd Colon Cleanse *

My 2nd Colon Cleanse *

*Individual Results May Vary

By: LadyC


Day 1

Well, I’m back at it. I took 10 days off after my last cleanse, and this time I’m going for a full 30 days. Last time around I kind of screwed up at the beginning and ate and drank a bunch of stuff I wasn’t supposed to during the first few days. Stupid Office Parties! But I saw enough in the way of results that I’m really inspired to see what happens if I do a full 30-day Cleanse without going off my diet!

Maybe I should say some more about the product again here: I’m using the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse, which comes as a powder that you mix it into liquid and drink three times a day. In my case, since I’m going low-carb, the liquid is Diet Snapple — more on that later! But on my first cleanse, I realized that this whole process is basically pretty easy. The most complicated part is you, yourself remembering to stick to it!

If you read my last blog, you’ll see that The Fiance got interested in what I was doing; well, this time he’s doing the cleanse along with me! I am so marrying the right guy! my 2nd colon cleanse Haha! I’ll let him speak for himself, though, and let him do his own blog!

Day 2

While I’m waiting for the Colon Cleanse to work, I should talk about a few things I forgot to mention yesterday. I’m using a bunch of the support products this time:

First up is the DrFloras® Cleanse Support. It’s supposed to help your system keep up with all the extra things that are happening — it keeps your colon in tune while its pushing out all this mucoid plaque and other stuff that’s built up for so long. It comes in a pill instead of a powder.

Then there’s the DrFloras® Probiotic. This one’s a pill, too, but you’re supposed to take it at different times of day than you do the Colon Cleanse. I’ll be taking the Probiotic through the whole cleanse, and then I’ll keep taking it for ten days after, just to be sure.

So, as you can probably tell, I’ve really stocked up on the DrFloras® products this time! I’m definitely not going to run out!

Day 3

Waiting, waiting, waiting. But no Office Party this time! That’s one less temptation right there!

I told you last time that I was using Diet Snapple to mix the Colon Cleanse powder with, instead of fruit juice like most people on the cleanse do. I’ll be experimenting with different flavors for a while, but so far most of them have turned out to be really good. It kind of tasted like green tea, which I’ve always liked, and I’ve always gotten this feeling of calm and well-being while drinking it, so on both a taste level and a mental level it’s working out great!

Day 4

So I thought I’d take a day here and give you some more information on all the junk I’ll be (hopefully!) getting out of my system soon!

The pictures you see on other blogs and that I hope you’ll be seeing on mine soon are of mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is a kind of mucus your body produces that builds up on the walls of your intestines. It’s what the body produces when it runs into something it doesn’t know how to handle or absorb, kind of like a defense mechanism to keep all of this strange gunk from harming your system.

But when you put a LOT of gunk and toxins and processed foods and all of that through your system, the plaque builds up and keeps building up and gets really hard for the bowels to expel. This is why people get constipated, and bloated, and sick, since there are a lot of harmful bacteria that can build up in the plaque as well.

So getting rid of this plaque is what the cleanse is really all about. Basically you’re unclogging your system, and letting waste pass through your intestines more quickly and easily. You’re also clearing away all that buildup, so your colon can absorb more of the nutrients your body needs.

And when you get rid of all of that stuff, you’re less constipated, less bloated, more energetic, and more healthy. I know — I’ve felt it! I can’t wait to see how I feel after thirty days of this!

Day 5

So like I said above, this time I’m doing the DrFloras ® Probiotic program along with the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse. Here’s just a little bit about probiotics:

It turns out that not only does the cleanse get rid of all the harmful bacteria in your system, it strips out a lot of the good bacteria, too. Yes, it turns out you need some kinds of bacteria in your bowels (who knew?). They’re called “intestinal flora” and they help to break down a lot of the fecal matter that passes through the bowels, and they help to keep harmful bacteria from taking over. So taking the Probiotic helps to keep adding the healthy bacteria back into your system at the same time as you’re doing the cleanse.

Like I said above, I’ll be doing this all through the thirty days of the cleanse, and I’ll be doing it for ten days after, too, just to make sure the amount of intestinal flora in my system is back up to where it should be (I sound so scientific!).

Day 6

Well, here we go! This time around it took a lot less time to get this kind of visible result.

You’ll also notice that this time I started with a pen; I didn’t buy it specially for this cleanse, but I’ll be using it from here on out (unless I drop it down the toilet or something).

Day 7

Warning: this one’s not really for weak stomachs, but I’m including it to point out a few things:

You can actually tell what I’ve been eating here, but if it comes out like that, think how poor my digestion must be! It’s like I’m not getting the benefit of anything I eat because of all the buildup — I mean, I really try to eat right, but what’s the point if all the mucoid plaque is keeping my body from absorbing it?

It looks like I have corn or something in there, but I haven’t honestly eaten corn in I don’t know how long. It’s been a long time! God, what if that isn’t corn?!

Day 8

See, again, just like yesterday you can see a lot of undigested food here. I mean, I’ve read it’s normal to have some undigested food in your stool, but this much?

Day 9

Here we go again!

Still with the undigested stuff! I’ve also noticed I’m not getting as much of the ropy-looking stuff I had last time, and that I’ve seen in so many pictures. I might have to do a little more research and look into that. Maybe most of it will come out like this on this cleanse?

Day 10

Still coming out like yesterday. Like day 8, both pictures are of the same bowel movement but from different angles:

Maybe this is just the pattern for this cleanse: smaller, not ropy. That’s fine, as long as I’m getting this stuff out of my system!

Day 11

Whoops, spoke to soon!

This is a lot more what I expected, and there’s a lot LESS undigested bits and pieces hanging around in this one. I think that means my system’s getting caught up a little.

Kind of like yesterday again. I had another movement later in the day, too, which I hear is more or less normal, but the fiance had the camera!

So take a look back at Day 5 and read what I wrote about the Probiotics. With all this stuff getting emptied out of my system, just think of all the HEALTHY bacteria I’m losing along with it! I feel a lot better doing the Probiotic this time around, and like I said I plan to keep up with it after the Cleanse is done.

Day 12

Hmm. Today’s wasn’t as amazing as other days. Kind of lumpy, kind of bland:

But still, amazing or not, it just makes you think. It doesn’t have to be ropy, it doesn’t have to be ten feet long, it just has to be out of my body!

Day 13

Normal trips to the bathroom, but nothing worth taking pictures of today. It’s okay — I can use a day off! And I hear it’s totally normal to have days where nothing really happens. That happened to me the last time I tried the cleanse, too, and the next day I was right back at it!

Day 14

Two days in a row with nothing? I don’t know whether to be worried or relieved. I looked around at some other people’s experiences and blogs and this happens sometimes, so I guess it’s nothing to be worried about at all, but still. I don’t know, I like progress, and when I’m passing this stuff out of my body I feel like I’m making progress.

Still, I shouldn’t complain too much. I mean, I’m about at the halfway point and so far I’ve been keeping up with everything I’m supposed to be doing — no missed doses, no eating junk, and I’m feeling the same positive effects I was feeling around this time on the last cleanse, only more so! I’ve been looking in the mirror and even though it’s a little hard to see any change from one day to the next, I can already tell that not only do I feel less bloated, I look less bloated!

Okay, so I kind of babbled a bit today, but I’ve got to say something when I don’t have any pictures to show!

Day 15

Okay, so I’m showing different angles for a reason I forgot to mention earlier: a lot of the time you can’t get a sense of what’s going on with all of this from just one picture or just one angle. It might look kind of thin from one angle:

And it might look thicker from another:

So two pictures really do give you a better sense of what’s going on, or more accurately what’s coming out!

This one is kind of like a mixture of the “ropy” shape and the kind of lumpy stuff I was passing earlier on. I can’t believe I’m analyzing what’s coming out of my colon! After a while, though, you get kind of used to it, and I guess I’m just looking for patterns to try to figure out what’s happening to my body.

Day 16

More of the lumpy stuff:

I noticed that there’s some undigested food again, but it’s nothing at all like what was there ten days ago! Maybe that means my body is already digesting and absorbing better!

Day 17

A lot like yesterday. I’m starting to think maybe this runs in cycles, lumpy then ropy then lumpy again. But when I look at other people’s experiences and pictures, it seems like there’s not really a kind of “normal” experience — it just kind of varies from person to person.

Day 18

Back to a mixture of ropy and lumpy this morning. Two pictures of the same “event” again (I know, sometimes it’s hard to tell!):

Day 19

Another day off! Just normal trips to the bathroom today. Phew! Maybe things are slowing down? After all, I’ve been cleansing now for most of six weeks. Maybe there just isn’t all that much more plaque to get out? We’ll see.

Day 20

Pretty small movement today, but every little bit helps:

Day 21

Now this is something:

Back to the long, ropy stuff. Just when I was starting to wonder if I was through it all, it’s back to this. That just shows exactly how much mucoid plaque has built up in my body

Day 22

Maybe I’m turning into a philosopher here, but when you see something like this it just makes you think: what have I been doing to myself for all these years?

Day 23

So, it’s another day without anything worth taking pictures of. But I’m a week away from the end of the cleanse — at least the end of this particular cleanse, since by now I know I’ll be doing this again. All of my eating right and exercising still didn’t prevent a ton of mucoid plaque from building up in my system. I’m glad I’m getting rid of it, but it’s going to be a process, not a one-time thing!

Day 24

Maybe it’s weird, but I’m starting to see shapes in these, kind of like you do in clouds sometimes. This one looks like a seahorse:

Day 25

Another day without much to show. Maybe things are slowing down? I’m still keeping up with everything, though, and I’m still going to keep up on the Probiotic for ten days after I’m done.

Day 26

Okay, for some weird reason this one reminds me of a piece of coral:

Maybe I should run a contest: what does my mucoid plaque remind you of?

Day 27

had one today that was decent, but the camera battery died. Between me and the fiance using it, it was bound to happen. It is charging as I type this.

On another subject, yesterday I was telling one of my friends at work about the cleanse, and she had a ton of questions. Most of them were about stuff I’ve mentioned in this blog already, but one of her questions was about side effects. I told her that I don’t really know about other users, but I haven’t experienced anything really negative. Kind of the opposite, really, since I’ve had less cramping and fewer problems from constipation and things like that since I’ve started. The only side effects I’ve had has been getting rid of the side effects I had before!

Day 28

Nada, Zip, Zilch. today.

Day 29

This one looks like a DNA strand! I just had to take several photos of it because this one ws the most remarkable one of them all. It’s seriously alien like.

Day 30

Well, that’s it for the pictures. I made it a full thirty days! I feel fantastic just having set that goal and making it through to the end. But I also feel fantastic knowing that all of that mucoid plaque and fecal buildup is gone from my system!

This is not the last time I’ll be doing the cleanse — I can tell you that right now! I’ll look for more information on the site about how often people do cleanses, but I already know that I don’t want my digestive system to get to the point it was at two months ago! I feel so much better than I did before I started. It’s almost unbelievable! I don’t feel like a new person — I feel like a better, healthier, more in-control version of myself.

I’d LOVE to tell you how The Fiance has been doing through all of this — I’ve got a lot of stories there, believe me! — but I promised I’d let him tell you his own story on his own blog.

So finally, would I recommend the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse to others? That’s a huge YES! Absolutely! Just read back through my blog and see everything that happened along the way. The whole process is so worth it! It’s not a quick-fix; it’s something you have to commit yourself to, but once you do you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this a long, long time ago!

That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading!


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