Mucoid Plaque

Mucoid plaque is believed by many experts to be the toxic sludge that builds up along the colon walls, that inhibits the absorption of nutrients.  The more mucoid plaque that builds up, the harder it is for your body to get the nutrients it needs.  When cleasned from the body (which usually requires assistance) it comes out looking like a ropey, rubbery substance.    

Mucoid Plaque Photos

Here are some photos of mucoid plaque cleansed out after using the DrFloras colon cleanse included in the DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse kit:    

Mucoid Plaque

Purged Toxins/Mucoid Plaque and Parasites after using DrFloras Colon Cleanse



You can see more mucoid plaque photos, read customer blogs, and more, by visiting the customer review page, here:  Detox Cleanse Reviews    

To Cleanse Mucoid Plaque, or Not

Many experts believe that when your colon is impacted by mucoid plaque, your health begins to suffer.  Because you are not absorbing the nutrients you need, your vital organs can be affected.  It can also provide a haven for parasites, worms, and their eggs, to proliferate and cause even more damage to your health.    

Mucoid Plaque Side Effects

Many people who’s health had been  compromised due to a toxic colon, mentioned a litany of symptoms.  Some of these symptoms included:     

  1. Bloating & Gas
  2. Bad Breath
  3. Restless Sleep
  4. Always Tired or Fatigued
  5. Getting Sick Often
  6. Worsening Memory
  7. Blemished Skin
  8. Constipation
  9. Weight Gain
  10. …and more.


The Mucoid Plaque Debate

The medical industry seems to be divided when it comes to mucoid plaque, how it’s formed, the legitimacy of the term, etc.     

On one side, you have doctors that proclaim cleansing as quackery.  They would prefer you use western medication instead of any natural type of assistance.  Doctors make a good profit from prescribing medication, which can be quite expensive vs. natural remedies which they make nothing on.  That is something to consider.    

On the other side you have doctors, eastern culture, herbalists, and many others that feel that we live in a world where too much relies on pharmaceutical medications, which almost always come with side effects.   Using natural ingredients and alternative solutions to help with ailments is the new wave for the 21st century, and something we should all look into.    

Results from a Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

But ultimately, the truth lies in the results people get. If mucoid plaque were complete quackery as some have stated, then why would thousands of people who have used DrFloras cleansing products proclaim how much better they feel after a cleanse, often times reducing or totally eradicating symptoms that had plagued that person for years?     

There is no denying those types of results.    

Natural cleansing to purify the body is the new thing, and countless people are benefiting.  You should really cleanse mucoid plaque from your body.   In fact, below is a video documenting the benefits from people who have cleansed with DrFloras products.     

VIDEOS -- DrFloras Body Cleansing Products vs. Competitors

Mucoid Plaque

And here is a video that shows you why you may need to be cleansed today (not tomorrow or next week, but today.)    

Mucoid Plaque

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