Wormwood benefits are plentiful.  Wormwood extract is used to help treat nausea and stomach pain; and for centuries, wormwood has been used to treat intestinal parasites.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that an incredible ninety percent of the world’s population is, or has been, infected with worms or other parasites.  DrFloras Parasite Defense uses the aerial parts of the wormwood herb, along with a patented combination of other efficacious herbs, to naturally rid the body of harmful parasites like tapeworms and roundworms – in all, DrFloras Parasite Cleanse removes over one hundred types of parasites and their eggs.

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Wormwood Herb Information

The wormwood plant (Artemisia Absinthium) has been used as a form of natural medicine since biblical times.  It is now cultivated in North America both as an ornamental plant and for use in herbal preparations, including a wormwood oil.

Wormwood has naturalized in the United States and Canada, and can be found growing wild in some parts of Africa, North Asia, and Europe.  It is a popular low-maintenance choice for easy care landscaping, since both its’ flowers and foliage are very attractive.  Wormwood has silvery-green leaves, which are covered in fine hairs.  The wormwood herb produces yellow flowers from early summer until autumn, and matures at about three feet in height.

Organic gardeners are fond of using the wormwood herb as a companion plant, because it keeps some insect pests away, and even helps to keep weeds at bay.

Medicinal Uses For Wormwood

Wormwood tea or tincture is made from wormwood extract, and it is also available in powdered form.   Wormwood herb can be used to treat many common illnesses:

  • Various digestive problems
  • Poor appetite
  • Heartburn
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Parasitic Infections
  • As a topical pain reliever for arthritis

Wormwood herb is normally combined with other herbs that complement the specific purpose it is to be used for.  For example, it is often combined with mint as a digestive aid and is popular as a tea, especially in Moroccan tea culture.  It is also combined with black walnut as an effective aid against worms and various parasites.

A combination of clove powder and wormwood, when taken along with other complimentary herbs including licorice root and pinkroot, is effective in ridding the human body of intestinal parasites.

Use Wormwood Cautiously

Medical professionals agree that wormwood extract and other forms of the wormwood herb need to be used with caution.  As with nearly every type of homeopathic therapy available, it is recommended that people should only use the herb from a reliable, well established source since an overdose can produce wormwood side effects such as nerve damage. DrFloras Parasite Defense has the perfect wormwood dosage.

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