Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia has been used as a remedial plant for thousands of years.  Ancient Egyptians sucked on lozenges made from gum acacia herb to relieve toothaches.  In places where varieties of gum acacia grow, it has been revered for its’ healing properties.  People have used it as wound dressing, and have powdered it and added it to water to be drunk as a tonic for various gastrointestinal complaints.

What Is Gum Acacia?

Gum acacia is a one hundred percent natural secretion that comes from several prized species of acacia trees.  As most acacia trees prefer hot, arid climates, most medicinal quality gum acacia herb comes from places like Egypt, Darfur, and Turkey. 

Gum acacia is a popular food additive and stabilizer.  Gum acacia powder acts as a stabilizer when mixed with liquids and is commonly used in liquid medications like cough syrup.  It is found in many brands of ice cream (you might see it listed as “Gum Arabic” on the label) and it is in the lickable glue found on envelopes and the backs of stamps.

Various species of gum acacia have been said to sustain people in times of drought and famine.  The gum acacia is so nutritious that indigenous people can live for weeks at a time on a sparse diet of acacia and water. 

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Medicinal Uses For Gum Acacia Herb

Gum acacia has properties that can make it an effective soothing agent for many bodily complaints. Gum Acacia

The ancient Egyptians were on the right track – studies have now shown that gum acacia has antibacterial qualities that can inhibit the formation of plaque and other periodontic bacteria.

Before the advent of complex chemical compounds, simple lozenges were made from gum acacia powder, other herbs, and flavorings.  The lozenges were said to be useful for relieving sore throats and coughs – commercial lozenges, candy, and chewing gum contain gum acacia to this day.

When taken internally, it can help to ease digestive problems like diarrhea and bloating.  Gum acacia powder is considered to be neutral, so it is often added to products that both benefit from its’ healing properties and its’ ability to help other dry and liquid medications to remain stable. 

An Easy Wat To Treat Your Body Naturally

People are once again turning to effective natural remedies whenever possible.  Gum acacia is one of those rare remedies that has never been excluded from either traditional or homeopathic medicine. The 100% natural products that make up DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleansing Kit have just the right amount of gum acacia and other premium therapeutic herbs to provide effective support and relief to the body as it is cleared of toxins. 

Many people spend hours each week selecting and preparing the foods they feel will be most beneficial.  Make the most of your efforts by ensuring your body is using them properly.  DrFloras provides everything from Colon Cleanse to Probiotics to help you on the road to well being.

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