Blue Vervain Herb

Blue Vervain is a plant which is found growing in the wild in many places throughout the United States and Canada.  Native Americans used blue vervain to ease digestive ailments and treat fevers.  Besides being useful for medicinal purposes, it is an edible plant often served as a vervain tea.  Many Native people ground the vervain seeds into flour after roasting them.  Flowers should be dry and faded before collection if seeds are desired.

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Blue Vervain As An Herbal Remedy

Blue vervain extract and other blue vervain herb preparations can be helpful in the treatment of various ailments:

  • The leaves and roots of the blue vervain herb can help ease abdominal and bowel discomfort.   The Cherokee used blue vervain to relieve diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Intestinal parasites may be expelled with a preparation of blue vervain and other herbs  like pinkroot and yellow dock.  DrFloras Parasite Defense makes the most of proven natural remedies that can rid the human body of roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and a multitude of other parasites.
  • Strong infusions of blue vervain herb may be effective in easing cough and other symptoms associated with the common cold.
  • Blue vervain is known as an effective systemic cleanser that helps to remove toxins.  It can be an important part of a total body cleanser, as it aids in the removal of waste via sweat and the urinary system.

Blue vervain and other natural foods and medicines contain micronutrients that may be able to help improve overall health and well being.  Unfortunately, intestinal parasites may be at the root of problems like intestinal cramping and bloating, and they rob us of those vital nutrients that our bodies need.Blue Vervain Herb

The vervain herb is a mild diuretic, so be sure to drink plenty of water as you experience its’ benefits.  DrFloras recommends drinking at least eight full glasses of water daily while using The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Kit.

This is the very best in whole-body cleansing.  It includes Parasite Defense to expel any parasites you may have picked up from common sources like undercooked or unwashed food, drinking water, animals or simply from walking barefoot on the beach.

Blue Vervain Herb is Not Enough!

While vervain is decent on its own, you really need a combination of ingredients to get a complete cleanse.  DrFloras Colon Cleanse and Cleanse Support are designed to remove heavy metals and other toxins that many people are not even aware they’ve been carrying.  In addition, toxic fecal matter that may have been building up for years may be removed, leaving you feeling and looking leaner and healthier.

Probiotics, which are the beneficial bacteria that help to keep your digestive tract healthy, are an important part of DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleansing Kit.  These friendly bacteria are often depleted during a cleanse, so it is important to renew the body’s supply.

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Probiotics are absolutely essential to a well-functioning digestive system, and they play a vital role in maintaining your immune system as well.
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