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Coffee Enemas for Detoxification

coffee enemasCoffee enema instructions can be vague, and sometimes contradictory. The typical enema coffee recipe warns that this procedure is likely to be messy, and can sometimes be dangerous.

We drink coffee in huge quantities, and use it to get us through the day. But nowadays there are people who perform a procedure on themselves known as a “Coffee Enema.” Would you like an organic coffee enema? Chuckle as you might, but it’s true.

You may have some questions. What is a coffee enema ? Is it safe ? And what are the benefits of coffee enemas? Are there actually coffee enema benefits? What are coffee enema side effects? Those are the questions that will be answered in this article.

Firstly, let’s start of by saying that DrFloras does NOT recommend anybody do a coffee enema. There are a number of reasons why.

1) It is not natural. Things are designed to come out of the rectum, not go in.

2) You are flushing out good bacteria with the bad, leaving you susceptible to disease with less built-in defense to fight those diseases.

3) Performed incorrectly, the enema may scald the insides of your rectum or intestinal wall, and in some cases has caused people to require surgery and the use of colostomy bags for the rest of their lives. In more serious situations, individuals have died.

4) There are natural and safer ways to cleanse your colon and full digestive tract by ingesting healthy, doctor formulated herbs in just the right quantities, to gently flush out toxic materials. Refer to DrFloras’ products for more information.

What is a coffee enema ?

The coffee enema was introduced to the mainstream by Dr. Max Gerson. His work was based in German research from the 1920′s that showed that a caffeine solution could open up production of bile in the liver. These tests were conducted on animals. Dr. Gerson believed that a coffee enema could, through various pathways, stimulate the liver and gall bladder to release additional bile which carries processed toxins, thus eliminating them from the body. The liver would then be freed up to process and remove more toxins within the body.

It is important to note that a coffee enema was designed not to cleanse the colon or intestines, but to stimulate the liver and gall bladder. Those people looking to cleanse their digestive tract may have been mislead by coffee enema proponents.

For the most part, doctors in the 21st century do not subscribe to Dr. Gerson’s theory which is almost 100 years old.

Why coffee ? Coffee enema benefits

The coffee bean has been around for centuries. Records should that it was brought into Arabia in the early 1500′s and used to fight drowsiness by religious mystics during their long prayer sessions.

Coffee also has many benefits that most people are unaware of. For example, in a 1981 study by Dr. Lee Wattenberg, two compounds — kahweol and cafestol palmitate, promoted the activity of an enzyme called gluthione S-transferase. It is this enzyme group that neutralizes free radicals and chemicals that have been found to start cancer. In mice, these enzymes were elevated more than 6 times their normal level when coffee beans were given as part of their diet.

It is important to note that the benefits mentioned come from the consumption of coffee beans, and not from a coffee enema. We need to once again stress that DrFloras does not recommend a coffee enema in any way when there are much better solutions such as the DrFloras Ultimate Cleanse kit.

Coffee enema dangers -- may cause death

Coffee enema side effects do happen. And while rare, there are cases of people dying from performing the procedure. The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) points out that two Seattle women died after a series of daily coffee enemas due to electrolyte imbalances.

Inexperienced enema practitioners run the potential danger of causing physical damage to the rectum, mentioned by the OTA as fatal bowel perforation and necrosis, when using enema kits incorrectly or going afoul with their coffee enema recipe.

Colitis is another issue that the OTA believes can be caused by enemas.

Beyond those issues, there are cases of individuals causing irreparable damage to their intestinal tract, requiring surgery and the use of a colostomy bag for the rest of their lives. Even when following precise coffee enema instructions / directions, things can go very wrong.

If not a coffee enema, then what is a good detoxification system?

The DrFloras Ultimate Cleansing Kit is #1 for a reason. It works, plain and simple. It’s not only an intestinal cleanser, but also cleanses the body of not only toxins, but also parasites, heavy metals, bad bacteria, and more.

DrFlora’s very highly recommends The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit

Coffee Enema Instructions

Coffee enema instructions often call for the user to hold the coffee liquid in their body for 15 minutes. Get ready for a big mess afterwards. DrFlora’s Ultimate Detox Kit allows you to avoid the mess, the discomfort, and the potential risk of a coffee enema. Best of all, the ultimate detox cleanse kit provides probiotics, parasite defense, and cleanse support, all part of a doctor formulated home kit.  A coffee cleanse won’t get rid of parasites or heavy metals, and comes with a lot of risks.  The choice is obvious.  Make the right (and smart) choice.  Choose DrFloras.

Video -- Don’t do a coffee enema. Do something better. Watch what others are saying about DrFloras and order your Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit today!

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Video -- Find out if YOU you have SYMPTOMS Requiring and Internal Cleanse -- Far superior to a coffee enema.

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