Detox Foot Pads – Real or Hoax?

Detox Foot Pads   Real or Hoax?

Thinking about buying detox foot pads?   Beware!

Many online doctors have been calling these so called detox foot pads a hoax.

Their take on these detox foot pads is that it’s a concept almost like that of the medieval days where leaches were applied to the body to draw out impurities in the blood.  Pure non-sense back then, and still today.

One doctor had this to say specifically about detox foot pads:  “This is such a blatant scam that it gives other scams a bad name! There may also be other suppliers of similar detox foot pads… but they are all basically the same.”

If you truly want to detox your body, you need to do so via an internal cleanse that uses natural herbs and ingredients.

DrFloras created a cleansing program that can detox over 3,000 known chemicals and heavy metals.

And even if detox foot pads worked, the one thing they would not be able to do is cleanse your body of parasites, worms, and their eggs, which 90% of the human population catches at some point in their lifetime.

DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit can detox your body of toxins and heavy metals, while also cleansing you of parasitic infection.

Watch the video above to find out a little more on why you should consider an internal detox cleanse vs. a detox foot pad program, which as previously mentioned, many doctors believe do nothing other than lighten your wallet.

And when you’re done with that video, watch the video below to see what people have to say about their cleansing experience after using DrFloras products.

Detox Foot Pads   Real or Hoax?

Thinking about buying detox foot pads?   Don’t!

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