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All of our products are gluten free and are made with high quality, natural ingredients and are known to be one of the best in the industry. Sure, our prices might be a bit high but you can't expect high quality for a cheap bargain. It's simple, you get what you pay for and here at DrFloras we offer only the very best.

Why is DrFloras Colon Cleanse a powder and not a capsule?

Here at DrFloras we offer our Colon Cleanse in powder form only. Why? you might ask. Keep on reading, you might be surprised...

A colon cleanse capsule prohibits its ingredients to thoroughly scrape the residual matter from your colon. This means you have to take more than several handfuls of capsules each time in order to try and get the true results you're looking for. It's just not feasible for one person to take the necessary amount of powder contained in capsules to get true results. This simply gets you purchasing time after time with little to no results.

Think about it like this, the amount of one capsule in water is so minimal it will not cover each area needed for a successful cleanse and the results will be poor. But pouring enough properly formulated Colon Cleanse powder into a glass of water covers each inch quickly and evenly, for a more equally distributed cleanse. So which would you prefer?

That's why we're striving to give you the most value for your dollar—by giving you a more efficient and proper cleanse. Not only does our Colon Cleanse powder reach every inch of your digestive system, but you'll save money and time by choosing DrFloras and most importantly DrFloras Colon Cleanse is made with Psyllimax the unrivaled DrFloras psyllium ingredient that proves itself over and over again and best of all it's in powder form, no capsules with minimal results and wasted efforts!

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Don’t Drink Wine? Not a Problem!

It’s no secret that people are still scouring the earth for the fountain of youth. And although we can’t say we blame you, we can say we’ve found an impressive substitute in the meantime.

DrFloras Age Defense is made of natural Resveratrol, a group of plant compounds, extracted from Japanese and Chinese knotweed plants.

Just what does Resveratrol do?

Resveratrol is known for its antioxidant properties, meaning it fights off free radicals, reduces inflammation, and increases cellular metabolism. These traits have led to decreases in cancerous cells, repair of damaged skin cells, and more energy and endurance over time.

Studies have shown that over time regular Resveratrol has proven to disable pancreatic cancer cells, prevent the first step of the body towards breast cancer, and even induces leukemia cells to kill themselves. All beneficial, all valuable, all natural.

DrFloras natural Age Defense Resveratrol is built on the sole theory that our customers are only as old as they feel! So how young do you want to feel?


1 Bottle For $16.50
Retail Price: $39.00
You Save $22.50

2 Bottles For $14.85 Each
Retail Price: $78
You Save $48.30

3 Bottles For $13.37 Each
Retail Price: $117
You Save $76.89



Here’s what scientists, doctors, and actual clinical studies have shown so far…

  • Resveratrol slows down the aging process
  • Resveratrol prevents many forms of cancer
  • Resveratrol helps with diabetes
  • Resveratrol lowers cholesterol
  • Resveratrol is anti-inflammatory
  • Resveratrol is up to 1,000 times stronger than Vitamin C as an antioxidant
  • Resveratrol helps with heart disease
  • Resveratrol helps with weight loss
  • Resveratrol helps with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Resveratrol helps prevent kidney disease
  • Resveratrol increases endurance
  • Resveratrol improves bone health
  • Resveratrol helps prevent cataracts

… and the list goes on and on.

Why choose DrFloras “Age Defense” ? Resveratrol over all others?

DrFloras Age Defense is made from a super potent Resveratrol extract, resulting in super high quality Resveratrol. No fillers, preservatives, animal products, or synthetics. Many Resveratrol products on the market today claim to be pure Resveratrol, but when tested, showed NO Resveratrol at all. Stick with a trusted company like DrFloras to ensure you get what you pay for.

DrFloras Resveratrol is harvested from the highest quality Japanese Knotweed, which has a higher concentration of Resveratrol than from grapes, where wine comes from. If you want the best, you’ve got it here.

DrFloras Resveratrol is manufactured here in the USA in an FDA approved, GMP facility. Many products on the market come from other countries where good manufacturing practices are not followed, allowing toxins, and even rodent and insect feces to enter their products.


cancerThe first step in fighting cancer is to prevent it. Free radicals damage healthy cells, mutating them and potentially forming cancer. Resveratrol neutralizes free radicals, thus inhibiting the mutation and the formation of cancer.
Resveratrol has been shown to promote apoptosis of cancer cells, a natural process where the cancerous cell is programmed to die.

What types of cancer can Resveratrol help with?
Currently, studies are underway to determine the specific types of cancer Resveratrol fights as well as the effective dosage and methods of administration (e.g. oral, intravenous, or topical) for each type of cancer. Solid evidence from studies already completed, however, reveal resveratrol’s promise in fighting cancer.

Below are some of the cancers scientists believe Resveratrol might be able to fight against.

Pancreatic Cancer
By disabling pancreatic cancer cells’ mitochondria (i.e. power source) Resveratrol kills pancreatic cancer cells while protecting healthy cells from radiation treatment.

Breast Cancer
Resveratrol may prevent the first step that occurs when estrogen begins the process that leads to breast cancer. Resveratrol also strongly inhibits BRCA1-mutant tumor growth.

Lung Cancer
Studies have revealed that cigarette smoke destroys SIRT1 genes in lung cells while other studies have revealed that Resveratrol increases SIRT1 activity. Perhaps this is why men between the ages of 45 and 69 who smoke and also drink one to two glasses of red wine per day, have a 60% reduced rate of lung cancer as compared to the same group of smokers who do not drink red wine.

Prostate Cancer
Several studies have revealed that Resveratrol might prevent or diminish prostate cancer severity. For instance, men who drink 4 to 7 glasses of red wine per week are half as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Further, mice given Resveratrol are 87% less likely to develop the most deadly form of prostate cancer and are 48 % more likely to have their tumor growth slowed or stopped.

Skin Cancer
Resveratrol applied topically has exhibited promising results in the prevention of skin cancer. Specifically, when Resveratrol was applied to the skin of hairless mice prior to solar radiation exposure, the mice were inflicted with less skin tumors than mice not applied with Resveratrol. Further, Resveratrol applied to the skin of hairless mice after UVB exposure also helped to prevent skin tumors. So Resveratrol looks promising both in preventing and treating UVB exposure.

Research has show that grape seed extract induces leukemia cells to kill themselves. Grape seed extract contains Resveratrol. So it is quite possible in future studies to show a connection between Resveratrol and leukemia.

Heart Health

Heart HealthIt’s a numbing statistic: heart disease is the #1 killer in the United states. But good news has arrived, because clinical studies show that Resveratrol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in animals.

Cholesterol Lowering
Resveratrol has been shown to lower ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol. This is very important since LDL cholesterol builds up in the lining of arteries (this is also known as atherosclerosis), causing heart attacks via restriction or total blockage of blood flow.

Blood Clotting & Heart Attack
The coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart, can be partially or fully blocked by blood clots, causing heart attacks. Resveratrol helps prevent blood clots from forming. Resveratrol also reduces atrial fibrillation which sometimes results in blood clots.

Anti-oxidant and neutralizes Free Radicals

Anti-oxidantAs a powerful antioxidant (up to 1,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C) Resveratrol neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are molecules often introduced by our environment or other toxins, that can damage cells. The stronger the anti-oxidant, the better its ability to remove these free radicals.

Kidney Disease

In a recent study done on the kidneys of mice, they found that Resveratrol protected the kidney from oxidative stress.

Increased Endurance

Everybody wants more endurance, right? And it is fact that you can take two people of the same age, put them through the same physical regimens for weeks, and one will have a slightly higher endurance level than the other, even though their training, diet, and all other parameters were the same.


It has to do with the number of mitochondria in the cells of our bodies. Mitochondria are like little batteries or fuel sources in each cell. The more you have, the more energy you can use. As a reference, Lance Armstrong has a higher than normal level of mitochondria.

Resveratrol increases the number of mitochondria in the cells. How much? Human studies are still under way, but in a recent study, it ence, Lance Armstrong has a higher than normal level of mitochondria.

Resveratrol increases the number of mitochondria in the cells. How much? Human studies are still under way, but in a recent study, it was revealed that mice fed Resveratrol were able to run twice as far as mice not fed Resveratrol. They DOUBLED their endurance, just by eating Resveratrol.

In addition to this, the Resveratrol fed mice had lower heart rates — something that world class athletes share. The lead scientist for that study, Dr. Auwerx, went on the record saying, “Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training.”


Resveratrol Protects Against Harmful Chronic Inflammation.

But what is Inflammation?

The body’s reaction to fighting off infections or any foreign substances such as viruses or bacteria, is to release inflammatory chemicals into those areas. This causes increased blood flow, which brings with it increased white blood cells to fight off the invaders or infection. This is a necessary process required for the body to heal itself.

But some people have what is called ‘Chronic Inflammation’, and that’s when the body produces inflammatory chemicals even when they are not needed, causing your body to attack healthy tissue. This process, left unchecked, may lead to many debilitating or life threatening diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Bursitis

Resveratrol has been shown in clinical studies to protect animals from chronic inflammation.
In a recent study, researchers used two groups of mice that were administered an inflammatory agent. The first group had been eating a diet supplemented with Resveratrol, while the second group’s diet had no Resveratrol. The first group of mice were protected from chronic inflammation, while the second group (non-treated) showed strong inflammatory responses.

In a second study, Resveratrol actually reduced inflammation on the brains of mice that were on high caloric diets.

Anti-Aging/Life Extension

Resveratrol works at a cellular level to reduce signs of aging. It is believed to do this by activating a class of proteins called sirtuins, also known as SIRT1. By activating the SIRT1 gene, one is able to fight aging via two different pathways.

1) It can repair damaged cells that would otherwise go unfixed (this is what it normally does)
2) It is able to activate or deactivate genes that control disease and aging. (this is the key to longer life.)

In clinical studies involving worms, insects, fish, mice, and primates, activating the SIRT1 gene increased the life spans between 24% to 70%. Studies are now underway on humans, but evidence points that Resveratrol works on almost all life forms tested. Imagine that instead of living to the age of 70, you can live to the age of 120 with improved quality of life.

With regular and continued use of Resveratrol, scientists say that we could effectively have the mind and bodies of somebody 20 years younger.

Resveratrol also activates other longevity genes including Sirt3, Sirt4, and a number of others.

Weight Loss

Clinical studies have revealed that mice fed high caloric diets were able to lose weight when Resveratrol was introduced into their diets. Resveratrol is believed to increase the number of mitochondria in the body’s cells, thus forcing the body to burn more energy (calories) than before using Resveratrol. This forces the body to burn fat, promoting weight loss.


Degenerative nerve diseases (also called neurodegenerative diseases) destroy or impair the functionality of nerves (i.e. neurons) in the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. Depending on the specific areas of the central nervous system affected, neurodegeneration can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (often referred to as ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”), multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Resveratrol is a promising treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. This is because SIRT1 (which is activated by Resveratrol) fixes damaged or ‘improperly folded’ DNA proteins. Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s disease are all related to improperly folded DNA proteins. Several scientific studies have revealed resveratrol’s neuroprotective capabilities. For instance:

  • Resveratrol promotes neuronal survival and reduces neurodegeneration in mice models.
  • Resveratrol results in significantly lower levels of the amyloid-beta peptides, which, in turn, results in less of the damaging plaque that is associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • Resveratrol improves the mental performance of mice afflicted with Alzheimer’s.
  • Resveratrol is neuroprotective in an animal model of optic neuritis — one of the first signs of MS.

Alzheimer’s Disease
A signature of Alzheimer’s disease is the development of plaques in the brain. These plaques, which are caused by amyloid-beta peptides, deposit in clumps outside neurons and cause degeneration and eventual death of the neurons. The result is that the affected areas of the brain (typically the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, and sections of the frontal cortex and cingulated gyrus) effectively die, leading to severe cognitive impairment.

ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, attacks and eventually kills neurons that are responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. The result is that the brain looses the ability to send signals to the muscles and eventually the muscles waste away. In the final stages of the disease, the patient looses the ability to breathe on his or her own.

Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is a disease where the body’s immune system attacks nerves in the brain and spinal cord. In particular, MS attacks the insulation (i.e. myelin) covering the axon of the nerve cell – the result is that the nerve cell is not able to effectively communicate, affecting physical mobility and the ability to think.

Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the death or impairment of brain cells that produce dopamine — a chemical messenger that has various roles in the brain including cognition and voluntary movement. This lack of dopamine can cause trembling, slowness of movement, stiffness, and poor coordination and balance.


In a recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, researchers noted that Resveratrol showed “very strong positive effects on preventing cardiovascular disease, reducing heart inflammation, keeping bone health in terms of structure and function, and maintaining loco-motor and balance activity”. The researchers discovered that Resveratrol had the same beneficial effects on bones, hearts, livers, and muscles as caloric restriction.

Ulcerative Colitis

A recent clinical study showed that mice having an inflammatory disease (Ulcerative Colitis) improved their condition when Resveratrol was added to their food. In addition to mice fed Resveratrol having less incidence of Ulcerative Colitis, they also had a 60% less chance of incurring some form of colon cancer, vs. mice that were not fed Resveratrol. Both Ulcerative Colitis and Colon Cancer were reduced with Resveratrol.

MELAS Syndrome

MELAS syndrome is a rare disorder in which mitochondria (the energy source you get from your cells) do not function property. Typical symptoms include muscle weakness, blurred vision, seizures, headaches, vomiting, and stroke like episodes.

Many scientists and health professionals believe that since Resveratrol is a stimulator of mitochondria production, it could serve as a treatment for MELAS. In fact, in 2008 Sirtris Pharmaceuticals was granted orphan-drug status (seven years of marketing exclusivity) from the FDA to treat MELAS with Resveratrol upon approval.


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