Why Real People Keep Choosing DrFloras:

All of our products are gluten free and are made with high quality, natural ingredients and are known to be one of the best in the industry. Sure, our prices might be a bit high but you can't expect high quality for a cheap bargain. It's simple, you get what you pay for and here at DrFloras we offer only the very best.

Why is DrFloras Colon Cleanse a powder and not a capsule?

Here at DrFloras we offer our Colon Cleanse in powder form only. Why? you might ask. Keep on reading, you might be surprised...

A colon cleanse capsule prohibits its ingredients to thoroughly scrape the residual matter from your colon. This means you have to take more than several handfuls of capsules each time in order to try and get the true results you're looking for. It's just not feasible for one person to take the necessary amount of powder contained in capsules to get true results. This simply gets you purchasing time after time with little to no results.

Think about it like this, the amount of one capsule in water is so minimal it will not cover each area needed for a successful cleanse and the results will be poor. But pouring enough properly formulated Colon Cleanse powder into a glass of water covers each inch quickly and evenly, for a more equally distributed cleanse. So which would you prefer?

That's why we're striving to give you the most value for your dollar—by giving you a more efficient and proper cleanse. Not only does our Colon Cleanse powder reach every inch of your digestive system, but you'll save money and time by choosing DrFloras and most importantly DrFloras Colon Cleanse is made with Psyllimax the unrivaled DrFloras psyllium ingredient that proves itself over and over again and best of all it's in powder form, no capsules with minimal results and wasted efforts!

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Detox cleanse program

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DrFloras Ultimate kit

The Top Seller Includes Everything You Need For A Complete Internal Cleanse To Help Your Digestive System Function Optimally.

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DrFloras Ultimate KitOur total body cleanse is the perfect way to jump-start any new healthy regimen or even renew after a weekend of barbecues. Trimming down, boosting energy, fresher breath and getting rid of pesky headaches are typical effects of our popular Ultimate Kit.

How does a total body cleanse work?

The most effective total body cleanse requires a holistic approach. The DrFloras Ultimate Kit includes the Colon Cleanse, Cleanse Support, Body Defense.

DrFloras Colon Cleanse gets the ball rolling by flushing your system of harmful toxins and annoying build up. This provides that clean slate for your digestive tract to start absorbing valuable nutrients while decreasing bloat. This fresh start creates the perfect framework for effective digestion—resulting in increased energy and a refreshed complexion.

Along with our Colon Cleanse, we put our premium DrFloras Cleanse Support to work. Sustaining your new digestive framework, this powerful reinforcement eases your body and enhances your cleanse. Working subtly, this support helps you get the most out of each cleanse.

DrFloras Body Defense is the ultimate guardian to your clean digestive tract. With up to 90% of the world’s population carrying harmful, unwanted intestinal guests, these hidden pests are often the cause of many digestive issues. From ulcerative colitis to Chron’s disease and even arthritis, these pesky guests have a way of sneaking up on you. Let DrFloras fend off those unwanted pests for a truly clean, healthy body.

Let us brag a little—Check out why we’re so proud of our natural approach to the best total body cleanse around. Take the first step today!

Each product of the Ultimate Kit has been specifically formulated to work together to
provide your body with amazing results.

1 Kit For $136.75 / $89.99
Retail Price: $208
You Save $71.25
2 Kits For $130.76 / $85.99 Each
Retail Price: $416
You Save $154.48
3 Kits For $124.76 / $80.99 Each
Retail Price: $624
You Save $249.72

Colon Cleanse

The DrFloras® Colon Cleanse is the cornerstone of the Ultimate Kit and can also be used as a standalone cleanse in conjunction with the Cleanse Support.

The 100% natural, proprietary formula integrates the unrivaled, patent-pending Psyllimax™ fiber matrix with other powerful ingredients for the most thorough and effective cleansing results.

The “>colon cleanse ingredient can, to break up and remove the toxic fecal matter that is likely built-up in your intestines. The benefits may range from more energy and weight loss, to less gas and bloating, healthier skin, hair, and more!

Cleanse Support

The DrFloras® Cleanse Support should be taken in conjunction with the DrFloras Colon Cleanse.

Designed to soothe the digestive tract and ease gas, the cleanse support will help make your experience smoother and more effective. It may also help you cleanse heavy metals more efficiently.

Each of the premium ingredients in the Cleanse Support plays a significant role in the colon cleanse process, which will make your cleansing process smoother and more effective, for maximum results!

Body Defense

Studies show that most people in the world carry unwanted intestinal guests.

We pick them up from the foods we eat, the water we drink, the animals we touch, the parks, lakes and beaches we visit, and so on. Most people don’t even know they have them, but you may be showing some of the symptoms associated with having these pesky guests invading your body.

The medical industry now realizes that these outside factor can be contributing factors to diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid symptoms, Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, epilepsy, and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re having abdominal discomfort or digestive issues such as diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may very well be a host to these unwanted intestinal guests.

Why Do People Love Drfloras?
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    DrFloras Detox Cleanse Reviews

    “…the testimonials convinced me to try, and I’m SO glad I did. I have actually gone down two belt sizes from it, the little pooch that I had from having my son has gone…

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    DrFloras Colon Cleanse Reviews

    “I absolutely love DrFloras. My stomach is flatter. No gas pains like other colon cleansers I have tried before that completely wipe you out. I feel better about everything …

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