detox cleanse program
Each product of the ultimate kit has been
specifically formulated to work together to
provide life changing results.
The DrFloras® Colon Cleanse is the cornerstone of the Ultimate Kit and can also be used as a standalone cleanse in conjunction with the Cleanse Support.

The 100% natural, proprietary formula integrates the unrivaled, patent-pending Psyllimax™ fiber matrix with other powerful ingredients for the most thorough and effective cleansing results.

The Colon Cleanse is doctor formulated and approved and uses patent-pending Psillimax™, a specially cut psyllium blend that is able to do what no other colon cleanse ingredient can, to break up and remove the toxic fecal matter that is likely built-up in your intestines. The benefits may range from more energy and weight loss, to less gas and bloating, healthier skin, hair, and more!

Cleanse Support
The DrFloras® Cleanse Support should be taken in conjunction with the DrFloras Colon Cleanse.

Designed to soothe the digestive tract and ease gas, the cleanse support will help make your experience smoother and more effective. It may also help you cleanse heavy metals more efficiently.

Each of the premium ingredients in the Cleanse Support plays a significant role in the colon cleanse process, which will make your cleansing process smoother and more effective, for maximum results!

Probiotics are absolutely essential to a well-functioning and healthy digestive system.

They play a vital role in maintaining your immune system as well. “Probiotic” comes from Greek and means “for life”

Your body has trillions of these healthy bacteria that live symbiotically with you inside your intestines. They help you break down your food and fight off harmful bacteria and other foreign invaders trying to infect your body and make you sick. This healthy intestinal flora can sometimes be depleted during a cleanse and it is very important that you take a course of Probiotics directly following the cleanse regimen in order to replace the stripped bacteria.

Studies show that most people in the world are infected by parasites.

We pick them up from the foods we eat, the water we drink, the animals we touch, the parks, lakes and beaches we visit, and so on. Most people don’t even know they are infected, but you may be showing some of the symptoms associated with parasitic infection.

The medical industry now realizes that parasites may be a contributing factor to diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid symptoms, Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, epilepsy, and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re having abdominal discomfort or digestive issues such as diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may very well be infected with parasites.

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