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Here at DrFloras we offer our Colon Cleanse in powder form only. Why? you might ask. Keep on reading, you might be surprised...

A colon cleanse capsule prohibits its ingredients to thoroughly scrape the residual matter from your colon. This means you have to take more than several handfuls of capsules each time in order to try and get the true results you're looking for. It's just not feasible for one person to take the necessary amount of powder contained in capsules to get true results. This simply gets you purchasing time after time with little to no results.

Think about it like this, the amount of one capsule in water is so minimal it will not cover each area needed for a successful cleanse and the results will be poor. But pouring enough properly formulated Colon Cleanse powder into a glass of water covers each inch quickly and evenly, for a more equally distributed cleanse. So which would you prefer?

That's why we're striving to give you the most value for your dollar—by giving you a more efficient and proper cleanse. Not only does our Colon Cleanse powder reach every inch of your digestive system, but you'll save money and time by choosing DrFloras and most importantly DrFloras Colon Cleanse is made with Psyllimax the unrivaled DrFloras psyllium ingredient that proves itself over and over again and best of all it's in powder form, no capsules with minimal results and wasted efforts!

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By: Kelly2007


Day 1

Here it is: Day One.

Let me clue you in: I just got done doing the Body Cleanse and I’m moving on to the full Colon Cleanse. I want to do two weeks on this just to make sure the wee little beasties are all flushed out of my system, because you really can’t be too careful with this kind of thing. I had a friend who was in the Peace Corps, and he came back from Zambia with amoebic dysentery and it made his life beyond miserable.

Ever since I heard his horror stories about that, I’ve maybe been a little paranoid about intestinal parasites. But when you hear about what these things can do to you if you give them the chance, maybe there’s no such thing as paranoid.

This is just a basic Cleanse, lasting for about two weeks, like I said. You mix the powder into your fruit juice three times a day, and the rest takes care of itself. I like it: it’s simple and it’s straightforward, and it doesn’t mess my life up. I don’t have the time or the money or the patience to go in for a colonic irrigation, and the last thing I need is to start taking one of these things that screws up your entire day. The DrFloras® Colon Cleanse suits me perfectly.

So keep checking back as I make sure the little buggers are gone for good.

Day 2

I didn’t want to go completely and totally overboard with my blog entry yesterday, so I saved this information for today. There are some things you need to know about parasites if you don’t already. And even if you already do know all about it, a little review never hurt. Are we ready, class?

Basically, the kinds of intestinal parasites I’m worried about the most are the worms. No easy way to say it, that’s what they are, worms, and yes, human beings get worms. More often that you think, as a matter of fact. You’ve probably heard of tapeworms, but people can also get things like hookworms and pinworms. Just from the names, they don’t sound fun to have, do they?

What they do in your intestine is act like my first husband: they sit around all day, eating whatever gets passed in front of them and making me feel sick. If I got rid of him, I can get rid of them.

Day 3

Nothing major really “moving” today, so I thought I’d give you more information on parasites. Stick with me, I’ll make you an expert.

They’re really easy to pick up. It surprised people sometimes who don’t realize exactly how easy it is. Most people know you can get them from meat that hasn’t been cooked through, and people are freaked out enough about things like e Coli that they don’t want to mess around with undercooked meat anyway.

But you’ve heard the phrase “don’t drink the water”? The entire reason that phrase exists is because of microscopic parasites that can kill you if you drink contaminated water. You can get parasites from unwashed food, and from close contact with people who already have them.

Basically, there’s no foolproof way of completely preventing yourself from getting them. You can cut down on the chances, but you can’t even be a thousand percent sure. That’s why I started checking into the DrFloras® products when I started feeling symptoms like the ones described on the website. More on that tomorrow, since I’ve run off at the mouth enough for one day.

Day 4

While we’re still waiting for the action to start, here are some signs you might have a parasite problem. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz!

The basic ones are pains or cramps in the abdomen, fatigue, maybe constipation or diarrhea, and bloating. Those symptoms are connected to a lot of digestive problems, though, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’ve actually got parasites or not.

These were the symptoms I was noticing in myself, so after doing some research on the website I could narrow it down some. I really watch what I eat these days, and I totally avoid processed foods, so that wasn’t causing the problem. I exercise, I don’t drink (anymore), I don’t smoke (anymore). Stress? I don’t feel stress, I cause it!

I figured if it wasn’t any of those, and I was still feeling this way, then I probably picked up a parasite or two somewhere along the line. One Body Cleanse, coming up!

There are more advanced and more severe symptoms, too. Nausea, vomiting, and fever are just a few of the fun things that can happen if you aren’t careful, so I figured I’d nip it in the bud before it got to that point — or before I ended up in the hospital, which can happen in the worst cases.

Day 5

I should just tell you that as a child of the 60′s I have no problem at all putting my bowel movements here in public for you to see in all their glory. Here you go:

See there, those black spots in the upper part? I’m almost sure those are eggs from one of the types of worms that I talked about earlier. Those things could’ve hatched inside me!

This is exactly the kind of stuff parasites love (I know, no accounting for taste). They’ll burrow in where it’s warm and dark, and there’s plenty of nourishment for them. You’re not going to get them out by eating right — you really do need to cleanse!

Day 6

You can see a few more black flecks in this one:

This is also more of the long, stringy style I remember from earlier cleanses. It’s smaller, though, so I think I just might not have as much excess buildup to get rid of this time. Then again, I could be wrong and pass something the size of Texas tomorrow.

Day 7

Well, nothing major moved today. Sorry to disappoint you all. But I do think that just having done this before and taking better care of myself means things aren’t going to be as photo-worthy this time around. I hope so, anyway.

Day 8

Same as yesterday, really. Hmm. What if you held a Cleanse and nothing came out? In some ways, it’s reassuring, since it means maybe I’ve been living a little better, but in other ways, I want to make sure I get ALL the plaque out so I don’t have any parasite parties still happening. We’ll see.

Day 9

Get a load of this:

It’s the little black spot up at the top that’s got my attention. Am I still looking at parasite eggs here? After nine days? Or am I maybe just flushing out something else I hadn’t realized?

Day 10

Just another day of normal movements all around. In this case, boring is good. Having done a Cleanse before this really helps — lets me know what to expect.

Some people think that just doing one Cleanse one time means they’re off the hook, so to speak, and then they go right back to eating all the junk that got them into the mess in the first place. But you can still see just from the pictures I’ve put up here so far that even if you’re eating right and living right you’re still going to have some buildup. There’s just no way around it. I’m basically going to commit myself to doing one of these pretty regularly. Hopefully, though, I won’t have to cleanse for parasites again anytime soon!

Day 11

I’m still trying to pin down exactly how I picked these critters up, so I did some more internet research. Wow. I thought I knew a lot about how parasites got transmitted, but somehow, don’t ask me how, I totally missed the fact that you can pick them up through your feet! Just by walking outside barefoot in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can get parasites entering your body through your sweat glands!

Now, of course, I’m trying to think of all of the times I’ve walked barefoot through bare fertilized dirt. I’m an Earth Mama, for crying out loud, it’s second nature to me. I never even really think about it.

Well, that solves that riddle! Shoes for me from here on out! Maybe it’s like the mucoid plaque, like I mentioned yesterday. No matter how well you try to protect yourself, you’re still pretty likely to pick up something somewhere along the way.

Now, I’m not saying that just because it’s almost inevitable that you shouldn’t even try to defend yourself against these things. Search around the Web and take a look at some of the pictures of roundworms all sitting in someone’s intestine in a huge clump. That’s what happens when you don’t try! If you get your defenses up, you can keep things from even getting to that stage.

Day 12

Another smaller movement, and I’m not seeing anywhere near the amount of black flecks I was seeing earlier, but my eyes are going, so I might be missing something. Seriously, though, this makes me feel better. At this point, smaller movements equals less plaque buildup, and fewer black specks mean fewer parasites still hanging around. So as far as I can tell, this stuff is working!

Day 13

Back to the long, stringy stuff, but still nothing like I passed the first time I did a Cleanse. But less mucoid plaque is less mucoid plaque. Less is more, as they say.

Day 14

Well, two weeks in, and maybe I’ve seen all I’m going to see. But if I have, that’s fine, since frankly it’s been enough. Since the beginning I’ve seen a decline in the little specks, and overall I just haven’t seen the massive movements of plaque like I saw on previous cleanses. There was still some to eliminate, obviously, but apparently if you actually do try to live right and do the colon cleansing thing every so often you really do have a lot less building up in your innards.

Day 15

Clear! Okay, good!

A movement with this little plaque and with nothing much in the way of black specks (except maybe one) means that things are pretty much where they should be. DrFloras® to the rescue once again!

Today was the last day of the powder, and it looks like it’s done its job again. From past experience, there’ll be another day or so where I pass stuff like this, but as far as keeping up with the powder goes I’ve done my part.

So thanks for reading, and if you’re wondering if I’d recommend the DrFloras® colon and body cleansing products, re-read the blog and realize that the answer is a huge, resounding YES!


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