Total Body Purifier

If you are tired, lethargic, or feeling fat and sluggish, then you will certainly benefit from a total body purifier.    

The DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit addresses the problems that are caused by toxic fecal matter that is very likely clogging your intestinal system and the walls of your colon, as well as those problems caused by heavy metals and intestinal parasites.  DrFloras Colon Cleanse, Cleanse Support, Parasite Defense, and Probiotics combined are a proven total body purifier based on sound research.

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Benefits Of A Total Body Purifier Routine

The total body purifier works by scrubbing and scraping years of built up toxins and waste from every inch of your intestinal system, along with the entire surface of your colon walls. As the accumulated sludge is removed, internal organs are once again able to properly extract nutrients from the food that you eat, so you look and feel better than ever. 

 Taking advantage of  the DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit may help you if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Headaches, Fatigue or Irritability – toxic substances that may be built up within your digestive system rob your body of its natural ability to take in the nutriTotal Body Purifierents it needs.  Conducting a thorough cleanse allows nutrients to be absorbed properly, and prevents the problems that are caused by improper nutrient absorption.
  • Sleeplessness or Restlessness – When your body is functioning right, it is much easier to relax naturally.  People who use DrFloras report that they are able to sleep better than ever.
  • Gas and Bloating, Weight Gain, or Protruding Belly – Improper digestion leaves more and more waste products behind in your digestive tract, where they rot and give off gases rather than being properly assimilated into the body.  In addition, up to 90% of the world’s population has been affected by internal parasites at one time or another.  These parasites, their thousands of offspring, and the waste they produce are removed effectively by DrFloras Parasite Defense and Colon Cleanse combined – removing all those toxins, waste and parasites will help to flatten your abdomen and give you the energy to follow a proper exercise routine, which in turn will help you lose troublesome pounds for good.  

Your total body purifier routine should be completed at least twice annually – think of it as maintenance to your body.  You would never let your car’s oil go unchanged, and why would you treat a machine better than your own body?  While you can always buy a new car, you only get one body.  Maintaining it well with DrFloras will ensure that you get the most out of life.


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100% Natural

Dr Floras Ultimate Kit:

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DrFloras® Ultimate Cleanse Kit:

The Ultimate Kit is our top-seller and includes everything you need for a complete internal cleanse to help your digestive system function optimally. Save money when you buy the kit!
1 Kit for $136.75
Retail Price: $208
You Save: $71.25
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2 Kits for $130.76 each
Retail Price: $416
You Save $154.48
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3 Kits for $124.76 each
Retail Price: $624
You Save $249.72
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DrFloras® Mini Detox Cleanse:

The Mini Cleanse includes one bottle of Colon Cleanse and one bottle of Cleanse Support. These products are the cornerstone of the DrFloras Internal Cleansing line and are the first step in improving your overall health. While the Mini Cleanse does not eliminate parasites and their eggs or replenish beneficial bacteria, you will experience all the benefits of a deep DrFloras cleanse.
1 Kit $72.75
Retail Price: $114
You Save $41.25
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Only $2.35 par day
2 Kits $68.25 each
Retail Price: $228
You Save $91.50
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Only $2.20 par day
3 Kits $63.98 each
Retail Price: $342
You Save $150.06
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Only $2.06 par day
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Probiotics are absolutely essential to a well-functioning digestive system, and they play a vital role in maintaining your immune system as well.
Supporting your diet with probiotics every day of your life should be considered essential.
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parasite cleanse
Studies show that most people in the world will be infected by parasites at some point in their life and not even realize it. You may be showing some of the symptoms associated with parasitic infection and be attributing them to some other cause. Click the button below to learn more.
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constipation relief
The Bowel Regulator should be used prior to a colon cleanse only if you ’re currently constipated or not having at least one bowel movement per day. Do not use this product if you currently have diarrhea. Bowel Regulator will soften up and regulate your bowel movements in a matter of days, preparing you for your colon cleanse.
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energy & focus
An all natural alternative to coffee, soda and energy drinks. Fight fat, increase mental focus, and enjoy a full day of sustained energy with DrFloras newest product.
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Age Defense Resveratrol
DrFloras Age Defense is made from a super potent Resveratrol extract, resulting in super high quality Resveratrol.
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