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Body DetoxConventional medicine has always pooh poohed the necessity for body detoxification. The theory in most Western forms of medicine is that the body is a highly complex and sophisticated system that is perfectly capable of cleaning itself out.

This might have been true in older and simpler times, when there weren’t threats from pollution to worry about, and the mind boggling range of chemicals, toxins and contaminants as we know them today didn’t exist. When the normal diet consisted of freshly cooked produce and meats, and people worked manually for a living, the body probably did a terrific job of keeping itself functioning well without the need for any cleansing program.

We live in a more complex world now, one that has made our lives more convenient and comfortable, but has also exposed us to a variety of pollutants that make their way into our body every time we ingest them in the form of food, water and air.

Non conventional and indigenous systems of medicine have always believed in the possibility of contamination of the body and the organs, and the necessity of body detoxification. You don’t have to be a believer in alternative medicine to believe in body detoxification, and gain from its benefits.

Consider this. Most doctors who perform autopsies on cadavers have reported that they were shocked by the amount of blockages that existed in organs like the colon and liver. Body organs they reported tended to be dark and shriveled. This cannot be attributed to age. The root cause of the corrosion of our body from the inside is the damage that’s caused when we introduce all kinds of contaminants into the body.

Body detox involves cleaning out organs of the body that are blocked by impurities, and thereby eliminating these toxins that tend to collect wherever there is a blockage. Contrary to what many believe, a body detox doesn’t have to involve elaborate cleansing programs or fancy health clinics. A simple multi pronged body detoxification program undertaken in the privacy of your home can do wonders to remove impurities and toxins from your body, and restore it to its natural healthy state.

A colon cleansing program is the most important component of a full body detoxification program. The colon being responsible for elimination of impurities from the body tends to collect waste matter over time, which leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and the release of toxins. These toxins can be easily spread to other organs like the liver and bladder through the bloodstream. A full body detox therefore has to start with a complete colon cleanse.

DrFloras Colon Cleanse has a specially formulated formula that gets to the root of all waste build up in the colon, and strips it right off without causing any severe side effects.

For the ultimate in body detoxification, DrFloras recommends the Ultimate Kit.

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