Oregon Grape Root

Oregon grape root is a wonderful herb that can help to support the digestive organs. As the name suggests, it is commonly found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States – it’s yellow blossom is Oregon’s state flower.

Oregon grape root extract contains highly therapeutic amounts of the alkaloid berberine, which is useful in the treatment of a host of external and internal problems. The Oregon grape root herb is a very close relative to the berberry, which contains an even higher concentration of berberine.

DrFloras knows the value of berberine – research has shown that the alkaloid is an effective aid to the treatment of digestive ailments, and that it supports the liver and spleen while toxins and parasites are removed.

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Herbalists use the Oregon grape root herb or Oregon grape root extract to treat a variety of conditions. Taken internally, Oregon grape root is said to help with the following conditions:

• Digestive problems in general – Native Americans used the Oregon grape root to help people with poor digestion or decreased appetites.

• Constipation – Oregon grape root is an excellent addition to a cleansing regimen. Its’ close relative, barberry, is considered to be even better at supporting the digestive system, especially when used in conjunction with other natural body cleansers.

• Psoriasis and other weeping skin conditions – Although Oregon grape root extract can be compounded as a topical treatment and is often added to soothing natural lotions, taking it orally as opposed to rubbing it on the skin is reported to aid in the healing of irritated skin while providing relief. It is also reported to help decrease symptoms of eczema and athlete’s foot.Oregon Grape Root

Oregon grape root herb is often consumed as a tea which is most effective if made with fresh Oregon grape root and purified water. If you’re able to find fresh Oregon grape root, chop it finely after peeling (be careful – it has a tendency to stain things yellow) and use one tablespoon of chopped herb for two cups of boiling water. Let it sit for about fifteen minutes, and consume. Herbalists recommend no more than three cups of Oregon grape root tea per day, as it may have a strong laxative effect if overused. As with other fresh herbs, caution is advised – varying concentrations are common and it is easy to overdose even if you take a small amount.

Don’t Risk an Overdose -- This is better

Why mess with herbs that could stain your fingers, and why risk a possible overdose? A much simpler way to take advantage of the benefits of berberine is to take it in capsule form, along with other herbs like Ginger root and Pau D’arco. DrFloras Cleanse Support contains berberry, which is an even better source of berberine than the Oregon grape root. It is just one integral part of The Ultimate Detox Cleanse Kit, which is designed to clear up a whole host of digestive difficulties.

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