Bloating Remedies

Your bloating is likley caused by an inbalance in your digestive tract, caused by a build up of toxins, and perhaps even parasites. The video below introduces you to the basics of how we accumulate toxins. It will also point out what you can do to clear your system, and may be one of the best bloating remedies you didn’t even know existed.

Bloating Remedies

Bloating Remedies

Bloating Remedies

Bloating Remedies Start With a Good Detox Cleanse

Bloating remedies are available, but you should find the source before treating it.  If you constantly experience that awful gas buildup in your body to the point where you can almost feel it pushing up around your chest region, you may have a severe constipation problem, and not even know it. Off the counter bloating remedies will only expel gas temporarily, but will not help the actual root of the problem – constipation.

Bloating From Constipation

Most people assume that if they visit the restroom once every couple of days, then constipation is not a problem. If you find yourself straining during your toilet visits, or have small rock like stools that are painful to pass, or quickly sink to the bottom of the bowl, you have constipation.

What makes it doubly dangerous for you, however is that you aren’t aware of the problem, and therefore aren’t able to take the treatment necessary to control the condition before it worsens.

If you suffer from excessive bloating and hard or painful stools, you’ll need a bloating remedy that doesn’t just treat the gas symptoms and the constipation, but gets to the root of your problems – intestinal buildup. Undigested food matter is sometimes left behind in the colon when the body is unable to purge it naturally.

Over time, this matter which is nothing but feces in reality, may form a thick layer on the walls of your colon, which begins to block the colon. Where earlier, food had an inch of open colonic tubing to pass through, now it has just half an inch of space to squeeze through. Colonic blockage therefore cuts down the digestive capacity of your system by as much as half.

Is it any wonder then, that constipation results? You are consuming the same amount of foods as before, but the digestive capacity of your colon has reduced dramatically.

If your constipation symptoms are restricted to hard and stressful stools, you will need to enable stools to soften up before they are passed through the body.

DrFloras Bowel Regulator is a safe herbal preparation that makes passing stools less painful. You’ll begin to see results as early as a couple of days after taking the product.

Once you’re able to use the bathroom without straining, take a bloating remedy that will remove colonic blockage and the build up that’s at the root of your constipation and hard stools.

DrFloras Colon Cleanse can be taken after you’re through with the Bowel Regulator, and have seen results. The DrFloras Colon Cleanse gets right to the culprit- the toxic fecal buildup that blocks the colon. It will flush out years of toxins and heavy metal build up, allowing your body to once again fully absorb healthy nutrients from the food you eat. You may notice your energy levels jump up, more restful sleeping, and overall better health just from the cleanse. Just a few days into the program, you’ll notice your constipation problems are a thing of the past, and bloating has completely disappeared.

Bloating From Parasites

Another possibility for your bloating is that you may be infected by parasites.  Don’t be shocked — after all, over 90% of the human population gets infected by parasites at some point in their life.  And most people who are infected, do not even know it.  The parasites and worms cause excess gas which can lead to a very bloated feeling, often times painful.

Luckily, you can eliminate parasites, worms, and their eggs, via the parasite cleanse product by DrFloras.

Bloating From Toxins

Your body can easily become overloaded with small amounts of toxins that come from the thousands of chemicals we come in contact with throughout our life.  These toxins may be difficult to expel and can accumulate in your body.  Over time, these toxins can affect your digestive system, causing it to function poorly, and create excessive gas that can be very bloating.

All of these symptoms, whether from constipation, parasites, worms, or toxins, can be addressed via a thorough cleansing by using DrFloras Ultimate Detox Cleanse kit.

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