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Healthy colons usually have little to no built up fecal matter—aka smooth sailing for food to be absorbed and used for energy. Because that built up fecal matter leads to toxins being re-released into the body, you want to ensure colonic stability. But man oh man, another lifestyle change to keep up with?

How do I make my colon healthy?

It’s as simple as ensuring balance by monitoring:

Fiber intake—aim for 25-35 grams daily from raspberries, bananas, broccoli, carrots, and whole-wheat pasta. Those foods are great for showing built up fecal matter the exit.

Vitamin D—which can be found in fatty fish, milk, and even a little sunlight (15-20 minutes a day, and don’t forget your sunscreen!)

Hydrating—yes you do it, but do you drink enough? Docs are calling for nine 8 oz. glasses for women and up to twelve 8 oz. glasses for men

Bacteria—the good kind—yes we’re talking about probiotics, people, and the more you intake the better your odds are of fending off residual bacteria left behind by sugars and poor dietary habits. Found in yogurt, sauerkraut, and the more popular option: DrFloras Probiotics, which gives your immune system that extra oomph!

Healthy colons start with those few ingredients in your day to day to create a more effective and regular digestive system. And bonus: it has potential to increase weight loss thanks to more efficient nutrient absorption and improved energy. Win-win!

What are some benefits of a colon cleanse?

Healthy colon cleanses help get the most out of your digestive system and jump start healthy diets. Colon cleansing has been linked to increased concentration, less bloating and gas, and more radiant skin and hair. All thanks to your body’s ability to digest food more efficiently and thus get the most out of the nutrients you’re putting into it. Want to know more? Check out DrFloras Colon Cleanse for the lowdown on all things healthy colon cleanses.

Detoxifying the Body

Detoxing has been hailed as amazing by celebrities and cubicle-mates alike. Some make it sound brutal, while others brag it was no big deal. But regardless of the process, all detoxers can agree on one thing: the results are worth it!

Bikini season may be halfway over, but if you’re ready to trim down or enhance that summer glow, detoxes provide results that can be felt and seen. By allowing your digestive system and supporting organs to take a breather, detoxes promote the elimination of residual fecal matter and toxins. This results in increased circulation, enhanced immune systems, boosted energy, and even improved skin and hair quality. Yep—you pretty much shine from the inside out.

How do you start a detox?

You should always consult your physician before attempting any modification to your diet. Furthermore, it’s vital to ease your body into this cleanse so you don’t shock your system. Remember—you want to be as comfortable (and approachable) as possible! We suggest:

  • Lightening up on your diet by going vegan for a few days before. It’s also wise to incorporate hot water with lemon in the morning to replace your latte. Caffeine is a big no-no during detoxing, so reducing it now makes it less overwhelming. Try a mid-afternoon green tea if you need a pick-me-up!
  • Setting an appointment at the sauna. Enhance your detox by sweating out toxins in a hot sauna or steam room. Of course exercising is great, but detoxing can take a lot out of you so the less exertion the better. Plus, it feels like a reward for getting on the right track to healthy living.
  • Staying hydrated. The best way to rid your body of toxins is to keep something flowing through it. And what’s better than refreshing, all-natural H20? In fact, it’s vital that you focus on hydrating throughout any detox regimen or you could put your body in serious risk.

Feeling more at ease about detoxing now? Then it may be the perfect time to learn a bit more about how DrFloras has been named the number one reviewed cleanse for detoxifying the body. Make the most out of your life with DrFloras: the healthiest way to detoxify your body!


It seems that everyone has the same revelation at one point in their lives, and that’s one in which they find out which foods are best for their overall health. And lately it seems that one big requirement for health nuts is, yep, you guessed it: organic.

Organic eating seems to have cast a spell over just about everyone. We don’t know about you, but healthy digestion is a top priority here at DrFloras, which is why we choose organic as often as possible. Quite simply, organic foods are better for digestion because they don’t have pesticides. Our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive enough—let alone adding something as harsh as weed-killer.

No-no—leave the killing to DrFloras Body defense and allow our bodies to lavish in all that is natural foods.

How to eat organic on a budget:

  • Coupons: they go a long way. Organic-minded grocery stores often showcase huge savings online. Even “Liking” your fave organic brand on Facebook is likely to lead to plenty of money-saving deals. And don’t forget that most grocery stores take competitors’ coupons!
  • DIY: not just for easy holiday gifts anymore! There are plenty of organic blogs that teach followers how to make everything from granola bars and kale chips, down to smoothies and even cupcakes! Just remember the point is to save rather than splurge on these homemade creations.
  • Bulk up: in the freezer. Buying organic produce while it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to come up with 7 different meals based around berries. Stock up and put everything in freezer-safe containers, including meat, fruit, and even that buy one get one organic cookie dough.
  • Online shopping: organic edition. Yes, you can even buy organic food online for less than what you might pay in the store. Places like Amazon offer free shipping, while Green PolkaDot Box offers its members huge discounts, like a Sam’s Club that delivers!

So instead of simply throwing out the idea that organic has to cost an arm and a leg—take a more price-conscious approach and you’ll find it’s easier than it sounds.


Sudden or unexplained gas, constipation, trouble sleeping, fatigue, or even abrupt teeth grinding can be alarming. And oftentimes there’s a good chance you’re experiencing signs or symptoms from a parasite infection.

Buck up—you’re not alone! In fact, according to the CDC, parasitic infections affect millions of people in the United States alone each year! So that’s a step in the right direction if you’re looking for someone who’s been there, done that. And to make life easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of some natural approaches you can take to soothing those nasty, infectious parasite attacks.

How do I naturally kill parasites?

  • Increase your dietary fiber, which can help flush out parasites as well as cleanse your colon. Foods like raspberries, bananas, broccoli, carrots, and whole wheat pasta are recommended.
  • Introduce probiotics into your diet—if you haven’t already—to fight fire with fire. Or, fight bad bacteria with good bacteria.
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates for a while and increase your water intake, which will help flush your system and clean up your digestive tract.
  • Give your immune system a boost! Load up on extra Vitamin C and Zinc to fend off those unwanted visitors and reenergize your body.
  • Try introducing invaluable herbs into your lifestyle. Healthcare providers suggest wormwood, garlic, and black walnuts, which have been long used to fend off parasites
  • Rejoice in raw foods like pumpkin seeds, garlic, pomegranates, and beets to clear the stools and eliminate all traces of parasites

Natural ways to rid your body of parasites are helpful—especially when they can be found right in your kitchen! But unfortunately, they won’t completely do the trick. You need something stronger to kill the parasites and begin the process of excreting them. Whereas those tips aid the body in the cleanup process, real defense can be found in DrFloras Body Defense. Interested in finally tackling that nagging parasite that’s been causing you discomfort? Check out exactly why DrFloras is the leader in body defense!

My First Colon Cleanse *

*Individual Results May Vary

By: LadyC


Day 1

So I’m doing a colon cleanse, which seems like a strange thing to say, but here I am anyway. To understand what I’m doing, I think I need to give you some background:

Everything started when I went out to lunch with Bobbi. She and I have been best friends since college, and since we ended up in the same city we see each other all the time (sometimes it drives the fiancé crazy DrFloras-colon-cleansing-smile ).

I was already stressing out about the holidays, the wedding, everything under the sun, and just out of nowhere I started babbling about how everything was piling up at once – I almost started crying into my lunch! Bobbi had the most sympathetic look on her face – but at the same time she also had one of those “I’ve got everything solved” expressions.

I had honestly never even heard about colon cleansing before Bobbi mentioned it to me at lunch that day, but she told me all about it, the number of times she’d done it, what it was like… What really got to me was the way she described how much better she felt afterwards.

At first I thought she was totally insane, giving me one more thing to do on top of everything else. Like I don’t have enough to worry about! But she told me how “in control” she felt during a cleanse, how it didn’t grind her life to a halt while she was doing one, and how it actually solved a lot of the problems related to everyday stress. Information hound that I am, I went home and looked up “colon cleansing” online and took in all the information I could.

After finding out what all it involved and what it could do, I figured I’d give it a try. If Bobbi swears by it, then there must be something to it. I’m not going to tell the fiancé just yet, though. I just want to try it first and see if it does anything for me.

Today was my first full day on “the product” – the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse. They had the best information and the best testimonials, so I ordered from them. It’s easy enough, it comes as a powder and you just mix it into liquid and drink it down three times a day. So we’ll see what happens.

Day 2

So here goes, another full day. Wonder when I’ll start seeing results? I hate waiting!

A few things I should mention (just so I can do something while I’m waiting for this stuff to take effect). One of the things I read online was that for someone who’s never done a cleanse before – that’d be me – it’s sometimes best to start with a 30-day cleanse, then take a break, and then do a 15-to-30 day follow-up cleanse. So I’ve ordered enough Colon Cleanse from DrFloras® to cover the first part of the cleanse, and if that goes well I’ll order the stuff for the follow-up.

So far I’m not running to the bathroom all the time, and Bobbi says I won’t be, which is a relief – I’d hate to be at work and try to explain why I was in the bathroom all the time!

Honestly, some of the pictures on the website are almost unbelievable! Is that stuff for real? Is that actually going to happen? Time will tell…

Day 3

I think I know now what Bobbi meant when she talked about feeling “in control”. There haven’t been any results yet, but just by doing the cleanse I feel like I’m doing something to try and control all the chaos. My fiance told me today I seemed a little more chipper. Still haven’t told him about the cleanse…

I forgot to mention: I read on the web that most people mix the powder with fruit juice, but I’ve really been doing the low-carb thing lately, so I tried mixing it with Diet Snapple. It works REALLY well – comes out like a kind of fruity green tea! I’ll experiment with different flavors, but I think as long as I stay with fruit flavors I can’t go too far wrong.

Day 4

Stupid Office Party.

I’ve never been the best at resisting temptation, and last night I ate and drank everything I’m not supposed to. I mean, I’m not a lush, but I had “a couple”, and I feel like I ate everything I’m not supposed to eat while I’m doing the cleanse…

Part of it was just trying to be sociable: you don’t want to be the party pooper. Part of it was also this “What the heck, it’s just once a year” feeling. The result, though, was that I went off my diet, and now I’m afraid I might’ve screwed up the entire cleanse! Every time I drink, my bathroom routine is changed. I think many of you may know what I am talking about. They even have a name for it… the “drinking shits”.

I’ll keep at it, though. When I started on the cleanse I decided I was going to stick with this no matter what, just to see if I got results. So I’m sticking with it! And if I don’t get anything out of it this time, at least I’ll have an idea why, and I can give it a try again – this time NOT giving in at the office party!

Day 5

Did a little more research on the “stuff” you see in the pictures on the website. It’s called “mucoid plaque”, and it builds up in your intestines and keeps your body from absorbing nutrients. It also builds up so much that it keeps you from having regular bowel movements, and it can even cause other health problems by giving bacteria a place to live and breed. Apparently, a lot of diseases can be caused by your colon not being in the best shape. This has already been an educational experience!

Day 6

Not feeling too great about the screw-up. On other blogs I ‘d read online, some people were seeing “stuff” already by day 6. Nothing for me so far, though – I think I really set myself back with the Office Party. Oh well, I’ll just keep at it and see where it leads.

One thing I have noticed is that when I go to the bathroom, almost all of it is floating now.

Day 7

So it’s been a week, and I haven’t passed anything out of my system that looks anything like what I’ve seen in the pictures. But I’m already more “regular” and that alone has me feeling better about things. Like clockwork, I am going every day. Maybe Bobbi was right – the mental results just might be worth it.

Day 8

Over a week now, haven ‘t done anything “wicked” since the Office Party. I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping better – wonder if that has anything to do with the cleanse?

Today I felt a little bloated. I’m not sure if it’s from what I ate last night (went out and had Chinese) or if it is the DrFloras® colon cleanse shake.

Day 9

Wow! So today I passed something that looks a lot like what I ‘ve seen in other pictures. It’s a strange feeling, it really is – you see these pictures and you think, “will that really happen to me?” Well, here’s the proof:

It’s kind of scary to think about this sitting in my digestive system all this time. How long has it been there? What kinds of problems has it been causing? Whatever, I’m glad it’s gone! And I’m glad I’m seeing results – I thought I’d screwed everything up on day 4!

Day 10

Wow – so here’s another picture of another “movement”. This one literally freaked me out when I lifted it up to take a photo. It came out all ropy and clumped together:

What have I been doing to my body all these years? Even being on a low carb diet, all of this junk is still hanging around inside my system – amazing! And now I feel like I’m getting somewhere!

My fiance told me again today that I seemed like I’ve been in a lot better mood lately, so I finally told him what I’ve been doing. He thought it was a little strange at first, but he wanted to know more. I told him all about what’s involved – I felt like Bobbi at lunch that day!

I was half embarrassed but laughing uncontrollably as I showed him the photos on my camera. His facial expressions looked as if somebody was giving him a vasectomy right there at the table. He couldn’t believe such ugly things were coming out of his fiancé.

Day 11

So I guess sometimes it comes out looking like rope, and sometimes it comes out looking like this:

Either way, it’s gone! Out of my body forever!

I’ve read more on the web about this stuff: there are so many toxic substances we come into contact with every single day, and as hard as we try we can’t avoid them completely. We take all this stuff into our bodies and it just lingers there, building up and causing who knows what kind of diseases. Problems with the colon have been linked to everything from constipation to stress (tell me about it!) to bloating to cramps to… well, you name it! Some scientists think there are even links to depression and other emotional illnesses.

It’s like all of the other things I’ve been doing for my body, like exercising and keeping to a low-carb diet, which have helped, but I’ve been ignoring something huge!

Day 12

No new pictures today, but just regular floaty bowel movements. I don ‘t know if it’s real or if it’s just in my head, but I feel lighter – not just physically but mentally. I’ve already noticed I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in a while, and the stress levels feel like they’re coming down.

Day 13

So you ‘ll see in this picture I switched from using a knife to using a pen. I just got grossed out at the thought of using a knife, for some reason (probably the association with food), and I had a bic lying around, and it works just as well.

All I do when I look at this is think “toxins, bacteria, disease – GONE!” Just knowing it’s out of my body has me feeling healthier.

My fiance asked me more about the cleanse today, about exactly what it involves and how it’s done. I told him everything I know gave him some websites to look up, starting with DrFloras®. It’s sweet that he’s interested, and who knows? Maybe he’ll want to try one himself!

Day 14

It’s still amazing to me to think that this was in my body! How long has this been sitting there?

Like I said before, I’m feeling better physically, but I’m feeling so much better mentally too! I know it sounds weird, but every time I pass something like this, I feel like there’s a weight off my shoulders. I know, that’s not where the weight’s coming off, but still…

Day 15

Okay, so I may not have gotten the full results of the cleanse that most people get in two weeks, but that was my own fault. I ‘ve gotten enough in the way of results to keep me going, though!

Here’s another picture, just to show you the amazing things that’ve been happening:

I mean, look at that! There’s a lot more of this stuff in my body, I know, and I want to keep at it and get it all cleansed out. My energy’s up, my mood is better, and I’m handling the stress of everything that’s going on a whole lot better than I was.

may not have had the most impressive results compared to what I’ve seen from other people’s stories, but I would completely recommend this to anyone! Even though I feel like I got myself off to a bad start, just using the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse has already improved so much about my life!

I’m in this for the long haul and I’m going to keep at it. Keep checking back!

My 2nd Colon Cleanse *

*Individual Results May Vary

By: LadyC


Day 1

Well, I’m back at it. I took 10 days off after my last cleanse, and this time I’m going for a full 30 days. Last time around I kind of screwed up at the beginning and ate and drank a bunch of stuff I wasn’t supposed to during the first few days. Stupid Office Parties! But I saw enough in the way of results that I’m really inspired to see what happens if I do a full 30-day Cleanse without going off my diet!

Maybe I should say some more about the product again here: I’m using the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse, which comes as a powder that you mix it into liquid and drink three times a day. In my case, since I’m going low-carb, the liquid is Diet Snapple — more on that later! But on my first cleanse, I realized that this whole process is basically pretty easy. The most complicated part is you, yourself remembering to stick to it!

If you read my last blog, you’ll see that The Fiance got interested in what I was doing; well, this time he’s doing the cleanse along with me! I am so marrying the right guy! my 2nd colon cleanse Haha! I’ll let him speak for himself, though, and let him do his own blog!

Day 2

While I’m waiting for the Colon Cleanse to work, I should talk about a few things I forgot to mention yesterday. I’m using a bunch of the support products this time:

First up is the DrFloras® Cleanse Support. It’s supposed to help your system keep up with all the extra things that are happening — it keeps your colon in tune while its pushing out all this mucoid plaque and other stuff that’s built up for so long. It comes in a pill instead of a powder.

Then there’s the DrFloras® Probiotic. This one’s a pill, too, but you’re supposed to take it at different times of day than you do the Colon Cleanse. I’ll be taking the Probiotic through the whole cleanse, and then I’ll keep taking it for ten days after, just to be sure.

So, as you can probably tell, I’ve really stocked up on the DrFloras® products this time! I’m definitely not going to run out!

Day 3

Waiting, waiting, waiting. But no Office Party this time! That’s one less temptation right there!

I told you last time that I was using Diet Snapple to mix the Colon Cleanse powder with, instead of fruit juice like most people on the cleanse do. I’ll be experimenting with different flavors for a while, but so far most of them have turned out to be really good. It kind of tasted like green tea, which I’ve always liked, and I’ve always gotten this feeling of calm and well-being while drinking it, so on both a taste level and a mental level it’s working out great!

Day 4

So I thought I’d take a day here and give you some more information on all the junk I’ll be (hopefully!) getting out of my system soon!

The pictures you see on other blogs and that I hope you’ll be seeing on mine soon are of mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is a kind of mucus your body produces that builds up on the walls of your intestines. It’s what the body produces when it runs into something it doesn’t know how to handle or absorb, kind of like a defense mechanism to keep all of this strange gunk from harming your system.

But when you put a LOT of gunk and toxins and processed foods and all of that through your system, the plaque builds up and keeps building up and gets really hard for the bowels to expel. This is why people get constipated, and bloated, and sick, since there are a lot of harmful bacteria that can build up in the plaque as well.

So getting rid of this plaque is what the cleanse is really all about. Basically you’re unclogging your system, and letting waste pass through your intestines more quickly and easily. You’re also clearing away all that buildup, so your colon can absorb more of the nutrients your body needs.

And when you get rid of all of that stuff, you’re less constipated, less bloated, more energetic, and more healthy. I know — I’ve felt it! I can’t wait to see how I feel after thirty days of this!

Day 5

So like I said above, this time I’m doing the DrFloras ® Probiotic program along with the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse. Here’s just a little bit about probiotics:

It turns out that not only does the cleanse get rid of all the harmful bacteria in your system, it strips out a lot of the good bacteria, too. Yes, it turns out you need some kinds of bacteria in your bowels (who knew?). They’re called “intestinal flora” and they help to break down a lot of the fecal matter that passes through the bowels, and they help to keep harmful bacteria from taking over. So taking the Probiotic helps to keep adding the healthy bacteria back into your system at the same time as you’re doing the cleanse.

Like I said above, I’ll be doing this all through the thirty days of the cleanse, and I’ll be doing it for ten days after, too, just to make sure the amount of intestinal flora in my system is back up to where it should be (I sound so scientific!).

Day 6

Well, here we go! This time around it took a lot less time to get this kind of visible result.

You’ll also notice that this time I started with a pen; I didn’t buy it specially for this cleanse, but I’ll be using it from here on out (unless I drop it down the toilet or something).

Day 7

Warning: this one’s not really for weak stomachs, but I’m including it to point out a few things:

You can actually tell what I’ve been eating here, but if it comes out like that, think how poor my digestion must be! It’s like I’m not getting the benefit of anything I eat because of all the buildup — I mean, I really try to eat right, but what’s the point if all the mucoid plaque is keeping my body from absorbing it?

It looks like I have corn or something in there, but I haven’t honestly eaten corn in I don’t know how long. It’s been a long time! God, what if that isn’t corn?!

Day 8

See, again, just like yesterday you can see a lot of undigested food here. I mean, I’ve read it’s normal to have some undigested food in your stool, but this much?

Day 9

Here we go again!

Still with the undigested stuff! I’ve also noticed I’m not getting as much of the ropy-looking stuff I had last time, and that I’ve seen in so many pictures. I might have to do a little more research and look into that. Maybe most of it will come out like this on this cleanse?

Day 10

Still coming out like yesterday. Like day 8, both pictures are of the same bowel movement but from different angles:

Maybe this is just the pattern for this cleanse: smaller, not ropy. That’s fine, as long as I’m getting this stuff out of my system!

Day 11

Whoops, spoke to soon!

This is a lot more what I expected, and there’s a lot LESS undigested bits and pieces hanging around in this one. I think that means my system’s getting caught up a little.

Kind of like yesterday again. I had another movement later in the day, too, which I hear is more or less normal, but the fiance had the camera!

So take a look back at Day 5 and read what I wrote about the Probiotics. With all this stuff getting emptied out of my system, just think of all the HEALTHY bacteria I’m losing along with it! I feel a lot better doing the Probiotic this time around, and like I said I plan to keep up with it after the Cleanse is done.

Day 12

Hmm. Today’s wasn’t as amazing as other days. Kind of lumpy, kind of bland:

But still, amazing or not, it just makes you think. It doesn’t have to be ropy, it doesn’t have to be ten feet long, it just has to be out of my body!

Day 13

Normal trips to the bathroom, but nothing worth taking pictures of today. It’s okay — I can use a day off! And I hear it’s totally normal to have days where nothing really happens. That happened to me the last time I tried the cleanse, too, and the next day I was right back at it!

Day 14

Two days in a row with nothing? I don’t know whether to be worried or relieved. I looked around at some other people’s experiences and blogs and this happens sometimes, so I guess it’s nothing to be worried about at all, but still. I don’t know, I like progress, and when I’m passing this stuff out of my body I feel like I’m making progress.

Still, I shouldn’t complain too much. I mean, I’m about at the halfway point and so far I’ve been keeping up with everything I’m supposed to be doing — no missed doses, no eating junk, and I’m feeling the same positive effects I was feeling around this time on the last cleanse, only more so! I’ve been looking in the mirror and even though it’s a little hard to see any change from one day to the next, I can already tell that not only do I feel less bloated, I look less bloated!

Okay, so I kind of babbled a bit today, but I’ve got to say something when I don’t have any pictures to show!

Day 15

Okay, so I’m showing different angles for a reason I forgot to mention earlier: a lot of the time you can’t get a sense of what’s going on with all of this from just one picture or just one angle. It might look kind of thin from one angle:

And it might look thicker from another:

So two pictures really do give you a better sense of what’s going on, or more accurately what’s coming out!

This one is kind of like a mixture of the “ropy” shape and the kind of lumpy stuff I was passing earlier on. I can’t believe I’m analyzing what’s coming out of my colon! After a while, though, you get kind of used to it, and I guess I’m just looking for patterns to try to figure out what’s happening to my body.

Day 16

More of the lumpy stuff:

I noticed that there’s some undigested food again, but it’s nothing at all like what was there ten days ago! Maybe that means my body is already digesting and absorbing better!

Day 17

A lot like yesterday. I’m starting to think maybe this runs in cycles, lumpy then ropy then lumpy again. But when I look at other people’s experiences and pictures, it seems like there’s not really a kind of “normal” experience — it just kind of varies from person to person.

Day 18

Back to a mixture of ropy and lumpy this morning. Two pictures of the same “event” again (I know, sometimes it’s hard to tell!):

Day 19

Another day off! Just normal trips to the bathroom today. Phew! Maybe things are slowing down? After all, I’ve been cleansing now for most of six weeks. Maybe there just isn’t all that much more plaque to get out? We’ll see.

Day 20

Pretty small movement today, but every little bit helps:

Day 21

Now this is something:

Back to the long, ropy stuff. Just when I was starting to wonder if I was through it all, it’s back to this. That just shows exactly how much mucoid plaque has built up in my body

Day 22

Maybe I’m turning into a philosopher here, but when you see something like this it just makes you think: what have I been doing to myself for all these years?

Day 23

So, it’s another day without anything worth taking pictures of. But I’m a week away from the end of the cleanse — at least the end of this particular cleanse, since by now I know I’ll be doing this again. All of my eating right and exercising still didn’t prevent a ton of mucoid plaque from building up in my system. I’m glad I’m getting rid of it, but it’s going to be a process, not a one-time thing!

Day 24

Maybe it’s weird, but I’m starting to see shapes in these, kind of like you do in clouds sometimes. This one looks like a seahorse:

Day 25

Another day without much to show. Maybe things are slowing down? I’m still keeping up with everything, though, and I’m still going to keep up on the Probiotic for ten days after I’m done.

Day 26

Okay, for some weird reason this one reminds me of a piece of coral:

Maybe I should run a contest: what does my mucoid plaque remind you of?

Day 27

had one today that was decent, but the camera battery died. Between me and the fiance using it, it was bound to happen. It is charging as I type this.

On another subject, yesterday I was telling one of my friends at work about the cleanse, and she had a ton of questions. Most of them were about stuff I’ve mentioned in this blog already, but one of her questions was about side effects. I told her that I don’t really know about other users, but I haven’t experienced anything really negative. Kind of the opposite, really, since I’ve had less cramping and fewer problems from constipation and things like that since I’ve started. The only side effects I’ve had has been getting rid of the side effects I had before!

Day 28

Nada, Zip, Zilch. today.

Day 29

This one looks like a DNA strand! I just had to take several photos of it because this one ws the most remarkable one of them all. It’s seriously alien like.

Day 30

Well, that’s it for the pictures. I made it a full thirty days! I feel fantastic just having set that goal and making it through to the end. But I also feel fantastic knowing that all of that mucoid plaque and fecal buildup is gone from my system!

This is not the last time I’ll be doing the cleanse — I can tell you that right now! I’ll look for more information on the site about how often people do cleanses, but I already know that I don’t want my digestive system to get to the point it was at two months ago! I feel so much better than I did before I started. It’s almost unbelievable! I don’t feel like a new person — I feel like a better, healthier, more in-control version of myself.

I’d LOVE to tell you how The Fiance has been doing through all of this — I’ve got a lot of stories there, believe me! — but I promised I’d let him tell you his own story on his own blog.

So finally, would I recommend the DrFloras® Colon Cleanse to others? That’s a huge YES! Absolutely! Just read back through my blog and see everything that happened along the way. The whole process is so worth it! It’s not a quick-fix; it’s something you have to commit yourself to, but once you do you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this a long, long time ago!

That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading!

Alien Green Beans *

*Individual Results May Vary

By: Joan

Hi everybody. I’ve never created a blog before, so I am not sure how exactly I need to do this.

I suppose I should start with a little about myself. I’m in my 40′s and have lived in a small town my entire life. I have a daughter who is about to graduate high school, and 2 cats, Felix and Stripes.

Our town has notoriously bad drinking water. It smells terrible and it tastes worse. I don’t drink it and have bottled water brought to us, but since I grew up here, I drank this water for nearly 2 decades. I think it has caused me to have a lot of health problems.

I want to try the 60 day cleanse like I read does well, but my budget allows for the 15 day cleanse, so that is what I am doing. Wish me luck!

Day 1-7

A whole week has gone by and there hasn’t been any mucoid plaque, so I decided to combine all seven days into one entry.

I have been taking 3 servings of the DrFloras® colon cleanse each day as instructed. I also take the body defense around dinner time, and the probiotic I take before bed with water. I think I am doing things correctly, but maybe not? I know not everybody shows mucoid plaque, and others have said that based on diet that some people’s mucoid plaque will be too soft or runny to pick up and photograph, so it looks like I may be one of those people.

What I have noticed is that I go to the bathroom pretty regularly and at about the same time each day. This is a huge improvement over what I had before which was going to the bathroom perhaps twice per week. And when I did go to the bathroom back then, they were like small rocks and sunk. Now my bowel movements are soft, they are larger, they float most of the time, and they are greenish instead of brown. I keep bringing my camera into the restroom with me, but nothing.

I haven’t had an increase in energy like many have reported, but things have been pretty stressful around here lately. I really hope to win the contest here on DrFloras® because I could surely use it.

The one thing I noticed is my appetite has gone way down which is great since I have been wanting to go on a diet anyway. I can’t say for sure if it’s the DrFloras® colon cleanse or if it’s all my stress as of late.

Day 8

OK OK OK! I am very excited. After more than a week of nothing extraordinary in the toilet, today I saw the strangest looking bowel movement I have ever had! I was so excited that I took 4 pictures of it.

In this first photo, it was folded up. I don’t know what the heck that end piece is and why it is so green. It looks like a cluster of alien eggs or a deformed green bean!

I picked it up at a different angle because I saw something red in it! This colon cleanse is digging deep to get things out!


In these last two photos, I had to see how long it was. In the photo it looks enormous, but as you can see by comparing it to the pen, it was only about 7 or 8 inches long. I think I may have the strangest looking mucoid plaque yet!



Day 9

I didn’t go to the bathroom today. Strange since it is the first day since starting this program that I didn’t go. I haven’t been hungry, so I haven’t been eating a lot. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Day 10

First thing this morning after I had my morning DrFloras® colon cleanse shake, I had the calling. Off to the restroom for another unbelievable bowel movement.

You know, when I saw the other photos on this site, I thought to myself, “Wow, those must really, REALLY hurt coming out!” The truth to the matter is that I now realize that the bowel movements look much larger in these photos than they really are. Take this first image; it looks like it’s about a foot long and weights 2 pounds. The reality of it is that it was about 8 inches long and felt like it weighed as little as a golf ball.

So no, it doesn’t hurt at all when having a bowel movement on this program. I would even say that it used to hurt to go to the bathroom before because my bowel movements came out so hard, like rocks, and I would sometimes even bleed from it. It’s an ugly thought, but it’s the truth. Now my bathroom breaks are pleasant. And because I am looking forward to what will come out next, I am acutally excited to go to the restroom. I catch myself thinking to myself throughout the day about going to the restroom, and wishing the urge was upon me.

Here is a different angle of the same mucoid plaque. Take a look at that green stuff! Same as yesterday, and I can’t explain it. Could that be metal residue or some mineral that has been stuck in my body my whole life from all the terrible local water I have drank? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Day 11

I had a bowel movement in the morning but it was nothing special. Then just before bed I had another bowel movement. This one also looked like nothing, but I thought it was strange so I investigated and pulled it up with my pen and that’s when it opened up and revealed itself to be mucoid plaque!

The green seems to be gone, but it’s still horrible looking like the others.

Day 12-14th

These 3 days have shown nothing worth taking a picture of. Earlier today I had a bowel movement and tried to pick up something I thought would be something, but it was too soft and just turned to mush.

I forgot to enter this earlier, but around day 11 I started to realize how much better I am sleeping. Stress at work is down, so that could be part of it too, but wow, I have been sleeping like a baby and feeling great. I know many have mentioned how awesome their sleep is after cleansing, so I think that is happening to me now.

Day 15

One little mucoid plaque passed today. This one had little red vein looking things in it. I think they are some kind of worms or parasites. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but they are there. There were some floating in the toilet too.

This was my last day on the cleanse. I actually have enough powder left for 1 more drink tomorrow morning, but not for the whole day. So it looks like I have finished this blog.

I will say that I have been very impressed with the DrFloras® colon cleanse. I’ve told several of my friends who are now going to also get on the program. Thanks for reading my blog.

Day 16

Hold your horses! I took the one cleanse shake this morning and then not 15 minutes later had a bowel movement that produced this:

It then uncurled and I took another shot of it. This one has all kinds of colors in it. Looks like some old florescent gum or plastic or something is in there, either that or there’s radiation in the water I am drinking! Haha!

Day 17

I don’t know what to say. It’s been 2 days since I have been off the cleanse and I am still getting rid of mucoid plaque. It looks like DrFloras® is still working inside of me even after I stopped.

This one is not much, and it looks like things are getting smaller, but it is worth posting.

OK, so that was the real last mucoid plaque. Nothing else came out the next day like this.

I definitely feel healthier. Lighter. More alive. I don’t know how much of it is physical and how much of it is mental after seeing all that old stuff come out of me. What I do know is that I feel better in so many ways.

I’m going to pay for part of my friends order; she ordered in bulk, so that we share the costs and split the order, so we both save some money. I want to try a full 30 days non-stop to see what happens and so does she after seeing my alien green bean photo! Bye.


*Individual Results May Vary

By: Kelly2007


Day 1

Here it is: Day One.

Let me clue you in: I just got done doing the Body Cleanse and I’m moving on to the full Colon Cleanse. I want to do two weeks on this just to make sure the wee little beasties are all flushed out of my system, because you really can’t be too careful with this kind of thing. I had a friend who was in the Peace Corps, and he came back from Zambia with amoebic dysentery and it made his life beyond miserable.

Ever since I heard his horror stories about that, I’ve maybe been a little paranoid about intestinal parasites. But when you hear about what these things can do to you if you give them the chance, maybe there’s no such thing as paranoid.

This is just a basic Cleanse, lasting for about two weeks, like I said. You mix the powder into your fruit juice three times a day, and the rest takes care of itself. I like it: it’s simple and it’s straightforward, and it doesn’t mess my life up. I don’t have the time or the money or the patience to go in for a colonic irrigation, and the last thing I need is to start taking one of these things that screws up your entire day. The DrFloras® Colon Cleanse suits me perfectly.

So keep checking back as I make sure the little buggers are gone for good.

Day 2

I didn’t want to go completely and totally overboard with my blog entry yesterday, so I saved this information for today. There are some things you need to know about parasites if you don’t already. And even if you already do know all about it, a little review never hurt. Are we ready, class?

Basically, the kinds of intestinal parasites I’m worried about the most are the worms. No easy way to say it, that’s what they are, worms, and yes, human beings get worms. More often that you think, as a matter of fact. You’ve probably heard of tapeworms, but people can also get things like hookworms and pinworms. Just from the names, they don’t sound fun to have, do they?

What they do in your intestine is act like my first husband: they sit around all day, eating whatever gets passed in front of them and making me feel sick. If I got rid of him, I can get rid of them.

Day 3

Nothing major really “moving” today, so I thought I’d give you more information on parasites. Stick with me, I’ll make you an expert.

They’re really easy to pick up. It surprised people sometimes who don’t realize exactly how easy it is. Most people know you can get them from meat that hasn’t been cooked through, and people are freaked out enough about things like e Coli that they don’t want to mess around with undercooked meat anyway.

But you’ve heard the phrase “don’t drink the water”? The entire reason that phrase exists is because of microscopic parasites that can kill you if you drink contaminated water. You can get parasites from unwashed food, and from close contact with people who already have them.

Basically, there’s no foolproof way of completely preventing yourself from getting them. You can cut down on the chances, but you can’t even be a thousand percent sure. That’s why I started checking into the DrFloras® products when I started feeling symptoms like the ones described on the website. More on that tomorrow, since I’ve run off at the mouth enough for one day.

Day 4

While we’re still waiting for the action to start, here are some signs you might have a parasite problem. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz!

The basic ones are pains or cramps in the abdomen, fatigue, maybe constipation or diarrhea, and bloating. Those symptoms are connected to a lot of digestive problems, though, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’ve actually got parasites or not.

These were the symptoms I was noticing in myself, so after doing some research on the website I could narrow it down some. I really watch what I eat these days, and I totally avoid processed foods, so that wasn’t causing the problem. I exercise, I don’t drink (anymore), I don’t smoke (anymore). Stress? I don’t feel stress, I cause it!

I figured if it wasn’t any of those, and I was still feeling this way, then I probably picked up a parasite or two somewhere along the line. One Body Cleanse, coming up!

There are more advanced and more severe symptoms, too. Nausea, vomiting, and fever are just a few of the fun things that can happen if you aren’t careful, so I figured I’d nip it in the bud before it got to that point — or before I ended up in the hospital, which can happen in the worst cases.

Day 5

I should just tell you that as a child of the 60′s I have no problem at all putting my bowel movements here in public for you to see in all their glory. Here you go:

See there, those black spots in the upper part? I’m almost sure those are eggs from one of the types of worms that I talked about earlier. Those things could’ve hatched inside me!

This is exactly the kind of stuff parasites love (I know, no accounting for taste). They’ll burrow in where it’s warm and dark, and there’s plenty of nourishment for them. You’re not going to get them out by eating right — you really do need to cleanse!

Day 6

You can see a few more black flecks in this one:

This is also more of the long, stringy style I remember from earlier cleanses. It’s smaller, though, so I think I just might not have as much excess buildup to get rid of this time. Then again, I could be wrong and pass something the size of Texas tomorrow.

Day 7

Well, nothing major moved today. Sorry to disappoint you all. But I do think that just having done this before and taking better care of myself means things aren’t going to be as photo-worthy this time around. I hope so, anyway.

Day 8

Same as yesterday, really. Hmm. What if you held a Cleanse and nothing came out? In some ways, it’s reassuring, since it means maybe I’ve been living a little better, but in other ways, I want to make sure I get ALL the plaque out so I don’t have any parasite parties still happening. We’ll see.

Day 9

Get a load of this:

It’s the little black spot up at the top that’s got my attention. Am I still looking at parasite eggs here? After nine days? Or am I maybe just flushing out something else I hadn’t realized?

Day 10

Just another day of normal movements all around. In this case, boring is good. Having done a Cleanse before this really helps — lets me know what to expect.

Some people think that just doing one Cleanse one time means they’re off the hook, so to speak, and then they go right back to eating all the junk that got them into the mess in the first place. But you can still see just from the pictures I’ve put up here so far that even if you’re eating right and living right you’re still going to have some buildup. There’s just no way around it. I’m basically going to commit myself to doing one of these pretty regularly. Hopefully, though, I won’t have to cleanse for parasites again anytime soon!

Day 11

I’m still trying to pin down exactly how I picked these critters up, so I did some more internet research. Wow. I thought I knew a lot about how parasites got transmitted, but somehow, don’t ask me how, I totally missed the fact that you can pick them up through your feet! Just by walking outside barefoot in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can get parasites entering your body through your sweat glands!

Now, of course, I’m trying to think of all of the times I’ve walked barefoot through bare fertilized dirt. I’m an Earth Mama, for crying out loud, it’s second nature to me. I never even really think about it.

Well, that solves that riddle! Shoes for me from here on out! Maybe it’s like the mucoid plaque, like I mentioned yesterday. No matter how well you try to protect yourself, you’re still pretty likely to pick up something somewhere along the way.

Now, I’m not saying that just because it’s almost inevitable that you shouldn’t even try to defend yourself against these things. Search around the Web and take a look at some of the pictures of roundworms all sitting in someone’s intestine in a huge clump. That’s what happens when you don’t try! If you get your defenses up, you can keep things from even getting to that stage.

Day 12

Another smaller movement, and I’m not seeing anywhere near the amount of black flecks I was seeing earlier, but my eyes are going, so I might be missing something. Seriously, though, this makes me feel better. At this point, smaller movements equals less plaque buildup, and fewer black specks mean fewer parasites still hanging around. So as far as I can tell, this stuff is working!

Day 13

Back to the long, stringy stuff, but still nothing like I passed the first time I did a Cleanse. But less mucoid plaque is less mucoid plaque. Less is more, as they say.

Day 14

Well, two weeks in, and maybe I’ve seen all I’m going to see. But if I have, that’s fine, since frankly it’s been enough. Since the beginning I’ve seen a decline in the little specks, and overall I just haven’t seen the massive movements of plaque like I saw on previous cleanses. There was still some to eliminate, obviously, but apparently if you actually do try to live right and do the colon cleansing thing every so often you really do have a lot less building up in your innards.

Day 15

Clear! Okay, good!

A movement with this little plaque and with nothing much in the way of black specks (except maybe one) means that things are pretty much where they should be. DrFloras® to the rescue once again!

Today was the last day of the powder, and it looks like it’s done its job again. From past experience, there’ll be another day or so where I pass stuff like this, but as far as keeping up with the powder goes I’ve done my part.

So thanks for reading, and if you’re wondering if I’d recommend the DrFloras® colon and body cleansing products, re-read the blog and realize that the answer is a huge, resounding YES!


*Individual Results May Vary

By: Dan


Day 1

I started the DrFloras® colon cleanse today and decided to log my results in the hopes I get the great benefits I have read others are having. I took the recommended dosage this morning and again tonight. I feel totally normal so far, although I do feel bloated, which is probably normal due to the fiber increase, as has been mentioned by others.

Based on what others have said, I mixed the DrFloras® colon cleanse powder into apple juice and it actually tasted good. It’s similar to a pulpy orange juice, only it’s apple juice.

Day 2

Same thing as Day 1, only I added a 3rd serving to my day. So I took one when I woke up, about 2 hours prior to me eating breakfast, and then another one about 2 hours after lunch, and then my final one just before I went to bed, which happened to be about 3 hours after dinner.

I also tried mixing one of the servings with plain water. Yuck! It really didn’t have much of a taste, but the texture got to me. Think pulpy water. I just downed it quickly and was done with it, half gagging afterwards.

Day 3

This morning I had a strange stool while at work. I think the DrFloras® cleanser is starting to work on me. I realized something was up when I noticed my stools were floating instead of the normal sinking to the bottom of the bowl.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on hand nor my phone which also has a camera. From now on I will make sure to bring my camera with me when I go to the restroom. I will also try to hold them until I get home, as digging up a stool out of a public bathroom at work is not something I look forward to.

Day 4

I read in the forums that people are having tremendous results with 4 servings per day of the colon cleanse, so that’s what I did today.

This evening I had another very strange looking stool after getting home from work. I put on some gloves to investigate. It didn’t look like much until I smacked it with a finger and it uncoiled. It looked like part of an animal’s intestine and was again floating.

I’m as terrified as I am excited.

I know that sounds sick to be excited, but it’s a wild feeling to know that I was getting rid of stuff that has been in my body for god knows how long, and I could actually see the results.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on hand nor my phone which also has a camera. From now on I will make sure to bring my camera with me when I go to the restroom. I will also try to hold them until I get home, as digging up a stool out of a public bathroom at work is not something I look forward to.

In this photo, it shows something that looks like a bunch of nits at one end, but I haven’t had anything like that at all this week. It must have been something that has been stuck in there.

Day 5

Alright, I went to the bathroom and the strange fecal matter keeps coming. My bowel movements are pretty regular at this point. I went from having a BM maybe every other day or once every 3 days, to having 1 per day since starting the program, and today I had my first day with 2 bowel movements.

Both bowel movements produced additional strange dookies.

I’m still amazed at the shape of these things. This old fecal matter is being scraped out and its fabulously disgusting. Little ropey intestine looking things is what they look like.

My wife asked if it hurts when I go to the bathroom, but I told her it is the exact opposite. I am able to get the stuff out much easier and faster than I did before starting the DrFloras® program.

I got somebody at work to order the program after they were disgusted with the photos I showed her. But like a train wreck, she couldn’t look away. I would hear, “Oh my god. OH MY GODDDD!!!!” as she looked at the various photos. And this was on the small screen of the camera. I know, you think I am weird, but you wait until you try it and see what happens!

Here’s the 2nd bowel movement later in the evening:

This one had little black specks on it, and I don’t know what they were. Parasite eggs? I think that is what others are saying the black specks are on their dooks.

Yuck! Every time I look at that picture it just freaks me out.

Day 6

I woke up this morning with a headache. I didn’t take anything for it and it stayed with me for most of the day. I see some threads in the forums where people using DrFloras® colon cleanse have also experienced headaches. It seems its part of the process when the cleanse starts breaking loose and releasing all this crud, and some of it gets reabsorbed by your body, making you feel ill. It’s supposed to go away in a day or two as you purge your system, depending on how clogged up one is.

I feel somewhat sluggish and bloated as well. Yuck.

This morning, there were more floaters, but nothing worth sharing. I also think my water intake is low, so I am going to be diligent about that and make sure I drink the appropriate amount of water each day. Just a guess here, but I bet if we drink more water, it will dilute the absorbed toxins, causing less headaches — that’s just a guess on my part, as I am not doctor or body expert.

Day 7

No headache this morning, so that is good. I actually feel pretty good. Same routine as always. My day was insanely hectic at work and I skipped breakfast and lunch altogether. It’s one of those days where you get so busy, you forget how hungry you are.

So my 2nd serving of DrFloras® colon cleanse was actually back to back, although separated by about 7 hours. This is similar to other cleanse routines where people go on a fast while cleansing, so that the cleansing material has nothing interfering with it. I would do that except that I just can’t go more than a day without eating. Call me weak willed if you want.

I took my cleanse shake, but I only waited about an hour after taking it before I ate a burrito that one of our assistants ended up bringing in for me. Hopefully that doesn’t skew the results.

Upon getting home, I ate dinner and then about 30 mins later was in the bathroom. I brought my glove with me just in case.

As would be expected, another crazy looking dookie. This one looked like something you would see packaged up at some specialty animal parts shop somewhere. I snapped off a 2nd shot to show how long this sucker was.

Day 8

I read that mixing DrFloras® into warm water and drinking it really gets the body into purge mode, so I did that this morning. Ghack! I just hate the texture, and the warm water didn’t help. I don’t think I will do this again. No, I know I won’t do this again. It’s only juice for me from here on out.

As much as I hated the hot water thing, sure enough, about 30 minutes later I felt the urge to go, so I decided to hit the bathroom before heading off to work.

When I finished, I looked down, and like clockwork, there was another strange intestinal looking poo floating there. This one was thicker than the previous ones.

Again, more of these black little things. The photo doesn’t show them all. There were quite a few. I’m now convinced they are some form of parasite, as I haven’t eaten anything like this at all in nearly 2 weeks. Nothing with little black seeds, no pepper or black spices. I’m a pretty plain guy.

Day 9

I went to the bathroom today, and had floaters, but nothing photo worthy.

My friend from work just got her DrFloras® colon cleanse today and started her first day. I feel like I am a coach with all the questions she is asking me. I told her to take photos and keep notes, so perhaps her blog will be posted here as well.

Tonight there was a UFC fight on pay-per-view, and a couple of my friends came over. Pizza and beer is typical, but I chose not to eat or drink tonight. I’m pretty proud of myself.

I went to the bathroom again before bed, but again nothing noteworthy.

Day 10

Because of the increased dosage, I am going through the cleanse powder pretty quickly. I ordered 2 more bottles today. I should have enough powder for another 3 days or so.

One thing I have been noticing is that I am waking up in the morning feeling really refreshed. I remember feeling like this years ago and would hit the gym every day. For the last few years I have been feeling sluggish when waking up, and if I try to sleep in at all during the weekends, I feel even MORE tired.

However, now I am waking up on my own before the alarm clock goes off, and I feel great. I am jumping out of bed, going in to make my DrFloras® shake, then showering and feeling awesome. I actually feel like going to the gym before work every day. If only time permitted.

I can only assume that the toxic build up in my colon is being removed and my body is rewarding me with higher energy levels. The theory goes that as the old fecal matter builds up and sticks to your intestinal wall, it becomes toxic and keeps nutrients from being absorbed into your body. When nutrients do get absorbed, they can carry toxins with them, lowering your immune system and hampering your energy levels. Colon Cleansing removes that crap (literally) from your body so that you can get back to normal. That is how I am feeling. like I did years ago.

The bloated feeling I had previously is now gone. I sometimes get the feeling a couple hours after a shake, but then as soon as I go to the bathroom, it’s gone. It feels like my pants are a tad bit looser around the waist line now, so that is a great side effect.

At night, I had a bowel movement that produced two different specimens in the same movement! Jackpot!

Both of these are so different. Looks like corn or something in one, but I don’t remember eating corn for quite some time. The other one has speckles of something.

Day 11

Don’t freak out, those white things aren’t really parasites or anything. They are just reflections from the camera flash. As for the bugs, I am hoping those parasites are gone.

I’m almost out of the DrFloras® colon cleanse powder, so I ordered some more online today.

Day 12

I ran out of the DrFloras® colon cleanse powder. There’s maybe one scoop left which I will take in the morning.

Nothing to report. Still doing the same thing and had 2 bowel movements today, but just the normal looking spongy stuff that floats. Nothing worth taking a picture of.

Re-reading many of the forum posts, It appears to be that people have the best results when the do the following:

  1. Cut out junk food for the cleanse period, including sodas.
  2. Eat more raw or steamed veggies.
  3. Drink the required number of glasses of water per day without fail.
  4. Increase dosage of DrFloras® colon cleanse powder to at least 3 or 4 times per day, evenly spread out.
  5. Drink one shake upon waking and another right before bed — very important. The other shakes can be any time during the day.

Day 13

Nothing to report. All seems normal. I know it’s boring when I can’t post photos, but hey, I guess I am getting cleaned out.

I ordered some more DrFloras® colon cleanse a couple days ago and am hoping it will be here in the next few days.

It seems like the product keeps on working for a couple days after you stop.

Ah, another day with a strange looking bowel movement. It seems I am moving away from the ropey stuff now and getting more slimy, stretchy dookies.

Day 14

Nothing new to report. Normal looking bowel movements today

Day 15

Another day with nothing strange to report. I had 1 bowel movement today and it looked relatively normal.

Today I will start my DrFloras® Body Defense. I have read that the cleanse can kill some parasites, but that the real nasty ones require the Body Defense to get rid of them. So I look forward to that part of the cleanse, and it will be nice to be able to swallow a couple pills instead of mixing a drink.

All I can say is WOW. This has been a great 2 week journey. I am submitting this to DrFloras® to include on their site as part of their contest. So if you are reading this, my blog and photos have been accepted.

I’m supposed to add some final words on whether I recommend DrFloras® Colon Cleanse or not. I think you know my answer. Yes, Yes, Yes! Just look at my results, read my daily diary, LOOK AT MY PHOTOS, and tell me this isn’t the best colon cleanse on the market. I used it and will use it on a regular basis from now on, and after showing people the photos of what has come out of me, I know of several people that say they are going to start the DrFloras® program as well.

After I finish with the Body defense and Probiotic, I’m going to take a 30 day break and then do another cleanse like others have been doing.

Good Luck!


*Individual Results May Vary

By: M.W.



Hi everybody, this is my 2nd cleanse with the Dr Floras Colon Cleanse. I learned a lot my first time around and this time I’m going to document and share my knowledge from the first time and some things I discovered this second time around.

I’m 35 years and in pretty good shape. I work out a couple times per week and try to eat healthy. I eat out about once per week for dinner at a restaurant with my girlfriend, and I eat fast food for lunch maybe once a week as well, usually Burger King. So overall I eat pretty healthy. My job consists of me sitting on my butt for 10 hours per day, so other than my twice a week workout, I don’t do a lot of moving around. Luckily for me, I have a pretty fast metabolism, so at 6’3 at 225 pounds, I am not that overweight.

OK, so I tried Dr Floras Colon Cleanse the first time and had amazing results. I am a firm believer that if you can’t see the results, then the product isn’t working for you. With Dr Floras, you SEE the results in a big way! To put it bluntly, you SEE the results in the toilet. You’ll SEE what I am talking about shortly.

What you’re about to read is my 15 day cleanse with the Dr Floras Colon Cleanse, and then I followed it up with the Dr Floras Body Defense and finally with the Dr Floras Pre-Biotic. The whole process was done in under a month.

The images are from the first 15 days of my second cleanse. I didn’t keep a log of my 1st cleanse since I had never planned to share my results, and to be quite honest, I didn’t think it was going to work all that well and was completely caught off guard by the spectacular results.

OK, let me recount those 15 days.

Day 1

I must say that one thing that I feel is very important is to stay hydrated. This means mixing a scoop of Dr Floras Colon Cleanse into water or your favorite drink, downing it, and then immediately following it up with another 10 oz glass of water.

If you don’t hydrate by drinking enough water, you may get constipated, and this is not what you want. Remember that Dr Floras Colon Cleanse is going to be scraping out old waste that has been stuck in your body for months, or longer, and this is going to make your stool thicker, as I have noticed that this fecal matter that is scraped out is dense and rather dry.

So do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water. My rule of thumb is to drink a 8 oz glass of water for every 20 pounds of body weight, per day. So if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink 8 glasses of water per day, minimum. And this is on top of the Dr Floras Colon Cleanse drinks you are taking each day. If you’re not peeing clear each time you go to the bathroom, you’re probably not drinking enough.

Today I started my cleanse. I immediately started with 3 servings per day, as I know that works well for me.

Day 2

Everything is still pretty normal, as is expected. I noticed at night that one of my stools was fluffy, so it’s starting to take effect already.

I have a handful of friends that also love Dr Floras Colon Cleanse, and one of the questions I have been asked a lot is which drink I use to mix the cleansing powder into. I’ve tried them all and I just follow protocol and mix it with water, stir well, and drink. It doesn’t really taste like much, so it’s no big deal for me.

If you have issues with just using water and need to use something with flavor, then apple juice would be my first choice. However, I have found that I get better results when I just use half a glass of apple juice and fill the rest of the glass with water. This dilutes the apple juice to where it still tastes good, but I feel the closer you can get to just using water, the better the results. At least that has been the case with me.

My second favorite drink to use is Cranberry juice. I will do this maybe once per week and do the apple juice another time per week, and just use water the rest of the time. My outlook on this is that I am doing this for my health and not for my pleasure, so I can just down the glass of water and cleansing formula in 5 seconds and be done with it, instead of trying to make something delicious. Do what you have to do so that you can drink it.

Day 3

Let me start off by telling you a story that I was reminded of today. You can’t pre-mix this and bring it with you to work. I did this and found out later in the day when I was going to use it that the liquid had gel’d up. It turned into somewhat of a jello consistency. It can be hard trying to drink jello!

So the key here is to follow the directions and put a scoop of the Dr Floras Colon Cleanse into the water, stir it for 20 to 30 seconds, or until it is all mixed in, and then down it quickly before it gels up too much and then immediately follow it with another glass of water. This second glass of water is important. Without it, you are likely to get constipated.

Here’s an example. Imagine a pipe that has a bunch of dry mud caked on the insides of it, to the point where you almost can’t see through the pipe if you held it up to your eye. If you run a little bit of water through it, the dry mud will become wet mud and sludge up the whole thing. If you run a lot of water through it, you’ll just have dirty water, but all the water will run through it carrying out all the dry mud. That’s how this cleanse works in your colon, so drink lots of fluids!

I increased my dosage to four times per day. Once upon wakening, once after lunch, once before dinner, and then once before going to bed.

My bowel movements seem mostly normal with the exception that they are now floating and fluffy.

Day 4

Today I passed my first mucoid plaque since being on my second cleanse. I never seem to get used to the strange looking shapes and colors that come while on the cleanse. My first time, most of them were of a greenish tint. This time, my first one is brown.

This looks like some kind of goose liver!

Oh, this bring me to a very important point which I was reminded about when I read a post about somebody saying they weren’t seeing these crazy mucoid plaque results as others have seen. Here’s a little story:

During my first cleanse, I started noticing strange looking stools about 5 days into the program. But they didn’t look anything like the photos I had been seeing of mucoid plaque. So out of curiosity, I grabbed a pen and started poking at one of the stranger looking ones. I noticed then that the stool seemed to unravel or uncoil to reveal itself as the same type of thing others had been posting about. I was shocked and happy that I had mucoid plaque being pushed out of my body.

So my point is this — If you see a stool that is floating and it looks somewhat strange but you’re not sure if it is mucoid plaque or not, grab a pen or a plastic utensil, or a chopstick or something, and try picking it up out of the water to see if it uncoils for you. You’ll know right away!

Day 5

Another very nasty looking Mucoid Plaque has been passed today. Take a look at this beast — it looks like the intestines pulled out of some small animal that has been run over.

I’m still amazed at the shape of these things. This old fecal matter is being scraped out and its fabulously disgusting. Little ropey intestine looking things is what they look like.

Day 6

No Mucoid Plaque today.

I’ve been asked how I schedule my meals around taking Dr Floras Colon Cleanse. This is a pretty easy thing for me. I simply do not eat anything 2 hours before or after I take Dr Floras. So for example, here’s a typical meal schedule for the day:

7am — wake up and take Dr Floras Colon Cleanse 9am — Eat small breakfast at work11am — Another Dr Floras shake

1pm — Lunch

3pm — Dr Floras shake

6pm — Dinner

10pm — Dr Floras shake and then sleep

This schedule keeps me from being hungry and allows me to get 4 servings per day in. If you’re only doing 3 servings per day, make sure you do one right when you wake up and one right before you go to sleep, as those are the two most important ones in my opinion, and you can do the 3rd one at any time during the day in between those.

The one right before bed is important since the body’s metabolic rate slows down during this time, so your digestive system also slows down. I find that the shake I take right before bed does the most benefit and gets more gunk out than the other shakes. Think of it like soaking your car for a longer period of time with soap and water before you actually start washing it.

Day 7

Today I passed the longest mucoid plaque ever. I was going to take a photo, but it snapped as I pulled it out of the water. It was just too slimy and soft to hold its weight, even with gloves. I swear it must have been 2 feet long! About 4 hours later, I went to the bathroom and out came this little bugger.

Ah, here’s an interesting discovery. For me, the mucoid plaque comes out rather dry, and it will be fibrous at times due to the extra fiber intake from the shakes. Because of this combination, they become spongy and will absorb water from your toilet if left sitting. So if you plan on picking it up with a pen or utensil of some kind so that you can photograph it, you’ll want to do so as quickly as possible, otherwise it will absorb the water, get heavy, and then it will break or snap on you as you try to lift it out. Gross yes. But learn from somebody who has tried photographing these. I have since realized it is just easier to put on some gloves and pick it up, this way I can support it with my fingers to get a better photo.

Day 8

My energy levels are way up. I feel absolutely awesome.

No mucoid plaque today.

Day 9

Just before going to bed, I had the urge to hit the bathroom and this lovely masterpiece was purged from my body. This one is particularly strange looking compared to others I have seen:

This looks like something out of a horror movie!

Day 10

I saw an infomercial today on another popular colon cleanse product. A quick Google on the product name shows that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people filing complaints with that company. I feel bad that there are companies out there that will take advantage of their customers or try to sell them crappy products — pun not intended.

I can’t stress enough how well Dr Floras product have worked for me and others I have referred to the product.

No Mucoid Plaque today, although I did have 3 bowel movements. I notice I am in and out of the bathroom in about a minute or two tops. I used to have to sit on the toilet for 5 to 10 minutes to feel like I was totally done.

Day 11

I tried mixing Dr Floras Colon Cleanse with orange juice today just to mix it up. It was pretty good, like drinking OJ with super pulp. So give that a try as well.

Day 12

I have family flying into town tomorrow night, so I have to cut this program short as I will be unable to maintain a decent schedule. So today is my last day of taking Dr Floras Colon Cleanse.

Day 13

Even though I didn’t take any Dr Floras Colon Cleanse, I passed two Mucoid plaques this afternoon and in the evening.

Conclusion: I stopped 2 days earlier than I would have liked, but as expected, I had fantastic results this second time around. I’m going to start another cleanse in 2 weeks since I feel there’s a lot more in there to be cleansed.

In fact, many of us taking Dr Floras Colon Cleanse have agreed that if you’re still passing Mucoid Plaque when you finish your cleanse, you can run a subsequent cleanse back to back, or wait 2 to 4 weeks and then repeat the process.

Can people make this part of their daily routine? Will it get too expensive? I thought that at first, especially after the first initial sticker shock of ordering all the products. But I did the math — even if I never got off Dr Floras Colon Cleanse and used it every day, it would only cost me about $3 per day. I was paying more than that for my coffee each morning. I actually stopped drinking my favorite ‘Bucks coffee since I don’t feel it’s that healthy for me, so guess where that daily savings is going to be spent? m w s 2nd DrFloras colon cleanse

Take care & good luck!