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reviews / Alien Green Beans *

Alien Green Beans *

Alien Green Beans *

*Individual Results May Vary

By: Joan

Hi everybody. I’ve never created a blog before, so I am not sure how exactly I need to do this.

I suppose I should start with a little about myself. I’m in my 40′s and have lived in a small town my entire life. I have a daughter who is about to graduate high school, and 2 cats, Felix and Stripes.

Our town has notoriously bad drinking water. It smells terrible and it tastes worse. I don’t drink it and have bottled water brought to us, but since I grew up here, I drank this water for nearly 2 decades. I think it has caused me to have a lot of health problems.

I want to try the 60 day cleanse like I read does well, but my budget allows for the 15 day cleanse, so that is what I am doing. Wish me luck!

Day 1-7

A whole week has gone by and there hasn’t been any mucoid plaque, so I decided to combine all seven days into one entry.

I have been taking 3 servings of the DrFloras® colon cleanse each day as instructed. I also take the body defense around dinner time, and the probiotic I take before bed with water. I think I am doing things correctly, but maybe not? I know not everybody shows mucoid plaque, and others have said that based on diet that some people’s mucoid plaque will be too soft or runny to pick up and photograph, so it looks like I may be one of those people.

What I have noticed is that I go to the bathroom pretty regularly and at about the same time each day. This is a huge improvement over what I had before which was going to the bathroom perhaps twice per week. And when I did go to the bathroom back then, they were like small rocks and sunk. Now my bowel movements are soft, they are larger, they float most of the time, and they are greenish instead of brown. I keep bringing my camera into the restroom with me, but nothing.

I haven’t had an increase in energy like many have reported, but things have been pretty stressful around here lately. I really hope to win the contest here on DrFloras® because I could surely use it.

The one thing I noticed is my appetite has gone way down which is great since I have been wanting to go on a diet anyway. I can’t say for sure if it’s the DrFloras® colon cleanse or if it’s all my stress as of late.

Day 8

OK OK OK! I am very excited. After more than a week of nothing extraordinary in the toilet, today I saw the strangest looking bowel movement I have ever had! I was so excited that I took 4 pictures of it.

In this first photo, it was folded up. I don’t know what the heck that end piece is and why it is so green. It looks like a cluster of alien eggs or a deformed green bean!

I picked it up at a different angle because I saw something red in it! This colon cleanse is digging deep to get things out!


In these last two photos, I had to see how long it was. In the photo it looks enormous, but as you can see by comparing it to the pen, it was only about 7 or 8 inches long. I think I may have the strangest looking mucoid plaque yet!



Day 9

I didn’t go to the bathroom today. Strange since it is the first day since starting this program that I didn’t go. I haven’t been hungry, so I haven’t been eating a lot. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Day 10

First thing this morning after I had my morning DrFloras® colon cleanse shake, I had the calling. Off to the restroom for another unbelievable bowel movement.

You know, when I saw the other photos on this site, I thought to myself, “Wow, those must really, REALLY hurt coming out!” The truth to the matter is that I now realize that the bowel movements look much larger in these photos than they really are. Take this first image; it looks like it’s about a foot long and weights 2 pounds. The reality of it is that it was about 8 inches long and felt like it weighed as little as a golf ball.

So no, it doesn’t hurt at all when having a bowel movement on this program. I would even say that it used to hurt to go to the bathroom before because my bowel movements came out so hard, like rocks, and I would sometimes even bleed from it. It’s an ugly thought, but it’s the truth. Now my bathroom breaks are pleasant. And because I am looking forward to what will come out next, I am acutally excited to go to the restroom. I catch myself thinking to myself throughout the day about going to the restroom, and wishing the urge was upon me.

Here is a different angle of the same mucoid plaque. Take a look at that green stuff! Same as yesterday, and I can’t explain it. Could that be metal residue or some mineral that has been stuck in my body my whole life from all the terrible local water I have drank? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Day 11

I had a bowel movement in the morning but it was nothing special. Then just before bed I had another bowel movement. This one also looked like nothing, but I thought it was strange so I investigated and pulled it up with my pen and that’s when it opened up and revealed itself to be mucoid plaque!

The green seems to be gone, but it’s still horrible looking like the others.

Day 12-14th

These 3 days have shown nothing worth taking a picture of. Earlier today I had a bowel movement and tried to pick up something I thought would be something, but it was too soft and just turned to mush.

I forgot to enter this earlier, but around day 11 I started to realize how much better I am sleeping. Stress at work is down, so that could be part of it too, but wow, I have been sleeping like a baby and feeling great. I know many have mentioned how awesome their sleep is after cleansing, so I think that is happening to me now.

Day 15

One little mucoid plaque passed today. This one had little red vein looking things in it. I think they are some kind of worms or parasites. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but they are there. There were some floating in the toilet too.

This was my last day on the cleanse. I actually have enough powder left for 1 more drink tomorrow morning, but not for the whole day. So it looks like I have finished this blog.

I will say that I have been very impressed with the DrFloras® colon cleanse. I’ve told several of my friends who are now going to also get on the program. Thanks for reading my blog.

Day 16

Hold your horses! I took the one cleanse shake this morning and then not 15 minutes later had a bowel movement that produced this:

It then uncurled and I took another shot of it. This one has all kinds of colors in it. Looks like some old florescent gum or plastic or something is in there, either that or there’s radiation in the water I am drinking! Haha!

Day 17

I don’t know what to say. It’s been 2 days since I have been off the cleanse and I am still getting rid of mucoid plaque. It looks like DrFloras® is still working inside of me even after I stopped.

This one is not much, and it looks like things are getting smaller, but it is worth posting.

OK, so that was the real last mucoid plaque. Nothing else came out the next day like this.

I definitely feel healthier. Lighter. More alive. I don’t know how much of it is physical and how much of it is mental after seeing all that old stuff come out of me. What I do know is that I feel better in so many ways.

I’m going to pay for part of my friends order; she ordered in bulk, so that we share the costs and split the order, so we both save some money. I want to try a full 30 days non-stop to see what happens and so does she after seeing my alien green bean photo! Bye.


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